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Post Reply - My fear when Mr. Trump takes the Oath of Office...

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Topic - My fear when Mr. Trump takes the Oath of Office...
Posted: November 18 2016 at 10:08am By CRS, DrPH
Originally posted by Dutch Josh Dutch Josh wrote:

For the Ukraine time is on the Russian side. The US under Trump looks like less interested in putting a lot of money in the corrupt Kiev-regime. The Minsk-agreements are a European initiative. Both France and Germany have elections in 2017 with parties expected to play a major role to become winners that are "anti"EU. So they also will not support the Kiev-regime. 

Expension of NATO and EU ware the mean reasons for the Maidan-coup. Ukraine itself is broke, bankrupt. 

A "peace agreement" proberbly will mean "new elections" in wich Russia will regain influence. Both the EU and US do not pay endlessly for a regime that is that much disliked and fail to deliver. 

China may want to increase its role, maybe buying Ukrainian companies/energy/ports. 

When Trump decides not to risk major wars for "Syrian rebels", Wahabi-kings, and Ukrainian nazi's I think the world becomes a better place. There are better ways for the US to keep influence around the globe. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and some other "western allies" may do more damage than some "enemies" do.

Thanks, Dutch Josh!  As always, your European perspective is very much appreciated.  

Since Trump is appointing "strong men" advisors (Tea Party to CIA, Flynn to National Security etc.), I'm expecting this group to roll over and play dead whenever Putin pulls the chain.  

A massive military incursion into Ukraine under the pretext of "defending" Russian-speaking citizens seems likely.  Resistance would likely be token in the face of Russian armor, as it was in the Prague Spring. 

An all-out invasion of the NATO Baltic seems less likely, but possible if Trump truly wants to push the alliance and see what happens.  

I'm not sure what China may planning, but they certainly will have some inauguration day gift for Trump.