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Online Discussion: Tracking new emerging diseases and the next pandemic

Post Reply - WORST President EVER

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Topic - WORST President EVER
Posted: October 03 2017 at 9:12am By Medclinician
Originally posted by Technophobe Technophobe wrote:

I have to protest against this statement, Med: " No matter what Trump does to help our country, even protect us from a nuclear strike from North Korea as our Commander in Chief - the ranting, whining, and misinformation will not stop."

You yourself have posted much about your fears of approaching nuclear war.  I can only assume you disbelieve your own words.

comment: I am afraid of a global thermonuclear war (War Games) but we also have a bully in the playground who needs to be punched in the nose. For 25 years no one has punched him and negotiating is a waste. Trump is likely the only president in the last 25 years who will order a strike and that may be all that stops him i.e. Kim Jong-Un.

Personally I think that Trump is making things worse.  His only idea of diplomacy is to shout:  "Oi, Rocket Man, my missiles are bigger than yours!"  Many of his security forces have expressed similar opinions to mine.  That is no way to speak to a dictator with nukes!  

There is an old saying:  "What do you call a gorilla with a gun?"  to which the reply is:  "Sir!"

comment: Trump is very good at the art of getting things hammered out and that includes bluffing and constant changing of strategy to fit the situation. We have two gorillas actually - both with their bones in the air waving them and grunting. One has to use the bone and end it or this will go on until millions are dead in a strike to New York or cities on the West Coast.

Trump is correct in much of what he says about the insane North-Korean-space-cockroach, but you can't say that out loud!  This is not a pi$$ing contest!  It is a profoundly delicate diplomatic nightmare.  Trump's schoolboy-in-the-playground tactics could get EVERYONE killed.

comment: We've run out of alternatives. The only possible one is for China to take Kim Jong-Un down versus a military strike. Negotiation is a waste of time.

Again your comment was:  "He managed to push money through for the the hurricane in Texas, now working on Florida, and also Puerto Rico"  

It is true that a small amount of aid has been sent to Puerto Rico, A VERY SMALL AMOUNT, TO DEAL WITH A DISASTER OF MASSIVE PROPORTIONS.  The amount of aid amounts to little more than an insult.  Don't you read, watch or listen to  any real news?

comment: I don't have limitless time to read the news, so I do read maybe for a few hours a day and take it from there. I do know that with accumulating disasters we do have to set priorities. We cannot send as much relief to Puerto Rico as to Texas or Florida.

Finally:  "I don't need to defend Trump and you cannot defend the mainstream media's boldface lies"  No you don't, that is correct.  

However you chose to, for no logical reason I can fathom, if as you say you did not vote for him. 'And you use the most scurrilous, inaccurate, partisan, frequently made up, lies and damn lies to do so (no statistics though to complete the cliche) gleaned from sources with known Right wing and Far-right sites.  Yet you accuse the mainstream media of lying.  Just because Trump uses the words "fake news" does not make it true.  I do not include Fox news in that list of horrors,  They are clearly right-wing and occasionally extremely so, but, being mainstream, they suffer oversight and so like their opposite number, CNN, cannot get away with lying outright.

Everyone has a tendency to read only those articles which back up their own already-formed opinions,  Some would never watch CNN, some would never watch Fox.  I admit to preferring CNN.  But, I watch Fox, as they help give a more balanced view.  Unless you do the same and override your distaste with anything remotely left-of-centre you cannot develop a viewpoint based on the facts, anymore than I could if I did not view the publications of the other side.  Allow that bias to build and you will gravitate closer and closer to a fascist viewpoint, just as, if I gave my tastes free reign I would end up a communist.  Both extremes are insane, stupid and morally repugnant.  

I have said it before but I do not think you were listening.  If you only look at one side, you only see one side.  You may not like the alternate view, but to view only its opposite renders you unenlightened and makes you appear stupid, racist and deluded.  I am pretty sure you are none of those, so please try removing the blinkers, they only suit horses, and skittish ones at that.

comment: I was at Berkeley in the 60s and among the protestors. All my cousins except one are Social Justice Warriors and I have heard this drivel for the last 30 years. I am Christian, was raised in a church which included almost 50% black people and studied to be a minister from an amazing man name Jessie Walton - a black minister. I served in the military and worked beside and with and had many friends of all colors as well as after the service. I currently have many such friends, including the homeless people who I lived with and struggled with as some died.

I currently am the head of Homeless United and trying to do the Give Me Shelter Concert. Check it out on Facebook.

I am not a racist.

It appears to me the recent slaughter of 59 country western fans in Las Vegas was instigated by Antifa. President (I am so tired of the media calling him Mr. Trump) Trump delivered a heartfelt and truly well done expression of caring for the victims of the massacre. There was nothing the media could find to fault him with so they barely published it.

The Far Left has now started calling everyone a Nazi and a Racist without any discrimination. It is a mindless ignorant ploy to stir up a revolution in the U.S. (Antifa November 5, 2017) and will fail.

I am not going to spend 3 more years chanting "Not our president" or back Hillary who tries - despite lack of effort to put her in jail for willful crimes endangering the national security of our country. 

I will continue to acknowledge - despite volumes of false news - the good Trump is doing and will continue to do for America.

I didn't like the whiners in the comedy show and I don't like them in politics. They never have a single solution. All they do is complain.