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Online Discussion: Tracking new emerging diseases and the next pandemic

Post Reply - BEST President ever.

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Topic - BEST President ever.
Posted: October 14 2017 at 1:35pm By Medclinician
It is time to smell the coffee and not only are the social justice warriors going down in flames, so are the corrupt established Republicans. We are about to see a time of change and improvement in America that has not existed for decades.

For all the whiners who keep whining "not our president", the people in the press who keep calling him "Mr. President" the times they are a changing. Imagine if the press started calling some of the Democrat Congress and Senate Mr. and Ms..

Bannon on Saturday also came to Trump's side in his battle with Corker, who has questioned Trump’s ability to lead the country.

“Bob Corker, a real piece of work,” said Bannon, who suggested the senator isn’t seeking re-election in 2018 because he knows he’'ll lose and suggested that GOP senators who didn’t chastise Corker for disrespecting the presidency could also be targeted for defeat.

Bannon said “the populist, nationalist, conservative revolt that drove Judge Moore to victory, that will drive 15 candidates to victory in 2018” will also give Trump 400 electoral votes in 2020. 

The Democrats have shamefully allied themselves with women abusers - the late great film director - and with Antifa - the violent anarchists who have mobilized for Black Lives Matter to bring chaos to our streets and are sponsored and bankrolled by foreign nationals. 

Although many people have gotten really confused with our country - America - that was founded on Christian principles and faith with "In God We Trust" on our money.

Trump is not a bad president and I can tell you I sure would prefer him as our Commander in Chief than Hillary Clinton.  Obamacare is a sinking ship and the cork needs to be pulled so the rats will drown - including the insurance establishment which still is not giving most Americans good and affordable health care.

You cannot use the Executive Branch and bypass Congress to give money to anymore. Barack Obama did with the insurance subsidies and did when he gave terrorist in Iran billions of dollars to finance their nuclear weapons program and terrorism by executive order.

To those wanting more of the same, President - not Mr. Trump - is their worst nightmare. Someone has to deal with Kim Jong-un and even China who still will not make a decisive move to stop what could be a global thermonuclear war.

People standing in Congress and the Senate screaming the F-word and comedians waving the decapitated head of our president is not okay. It is not funny. It is not cool and show how many people have been promoted to their level of incompetency.

Any government official suggesting the President should be assassinated is not free speech - it is treason and they should be put in jail. I know when I was "helping America" some guy in Arizona making a plan with his buddies in a bar was picked up in 40 minutes and arrested for even talking seriously about killing the President.

This is not going to help the Democrats. Just because 51% of America is now what was the minority cannot ignore the other 49% who are tired of special treatment and special money and laws passed just for them.

What happened in the last election? It was citizens and unhappy people wanting to win America back. To re-established the morality and decency of our country that used to shine in the world as the best and most prosperous nation in the world.

The mainstream media has become a joke. Not only do they publish glaring lies and untruths, they rarely cop up to it. It is wrong for them to leak information which endangers our country and is a breach of national security.

Trump is trying. He didn't wimp out like most have on health care, taxes, immigration, or many of his campaign promises. I support our president and I am not in a popularity contest to be one of the wounded rebels who have forgotten what America was once like.

People around the world may not like the statement because many hope that America will stagger and fall and their country will be number one.  Not likely anytime soon - if by new policy and new change we can make America great again.


It's a free country. We have listened to whiners and critics and now it is time for those silent and bulldozed with immigrant diplomacy to have a voice and be heard.