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Post Reply - The Fake Media - Fox and CNN won't give up

Post Reply

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Topic - The Fake Media - Fox and CNN won't give up
Posted: August 03 2017 at 9:57am By jacksdad
Sorry to throw your own words back at you Med, but you need to move one. The election is over and Clinton can't be used as an excuse for Trump's missteps. The current Swamp 2.0 in DC is all Donny's doing. Talking about anything else is just smoke and fmirrors to make us ignore the actions of the man behind the curtain.

Originally posted by Medclinician Medclinician wrote:

People are dying in the streets homeless and getting no medical care. Social Security is on the brink and has been and we need a huge economic boost or we all will suffer.

Med - none of these things are even on Trump's radar. He doesn't give a crap about the homeless, affordable healthcare or social security - they'll all fall victim to Mulvaney's war on what the GOP considers unnecessary entitlements. You honestly think Trump loses one minute of sleep thinking about the plight of those less well off? His whole life has been one long ass-kicking for ordinary people who got in his way. His appalling treatment of contractors (a trick he learned from his dear old dad) is legendary. He doesn't care about anyone but himself, and the treatment of his staff since he took office should provide ample evidence of that. Getting thrown under the wheels of the bus is the standard way of leaving his administration these days.

Powerful foreign policy? The State Department still has so many openings unfilled that it's struggling to carry out it's job - and that's without throwing Trump's capricious tweeting into the mix. Even Tillerson is hard pressed to keep up with the random policy of the day. In the space of a little more than six months, the rest of the world has begun to look elsewhere for leadership since Trump became King. China is on the rise, Russia doesn't care how hard it pushes us, and Germany is fast becoming the country Europe is looking to. Your assessment of the US and it's current position on the world stage couldn't be any further from the truth - abroad, we're in bad shape and certainly not looked up to anymore. Trump simply doesn't have the mental capacity or attention span to begin to understand the complexities of global politics, let alone the nuances of regions like the Middle East, Southeast Asia or Europe, and that's hurting us. Not everything can be handled like a New Jersey real estate deal. You can't litigate, threaten or bully foreign powers into compliance as Trump is used to doing.

The fishing industry, both here and abroad, will have fished the oceans practically clean in a few decades. We either regulate it now, or it'll happen by itself when it's no longer economically viable to send out fishing boats. It has nothing to do with saving the whales, and everything to do with rapidly declining fish stocks. Nice deflection, but way off the mark. Blaming environmentalists for something they've been warning us about for years makes no sense, and follows the same line of logic as the ridiculous notion that coal will come back when safety and environmental regulations are lifted. Likewise, manufacturing in the Mad Max wasteland you imagine much of the US to be came about not because Obama hated the country, or illegals/foreign workers stole our jobs. It happened because the elite - like Trump and his Wall Street friends - sought the profits that automation offered over human labor. Welcome to the 21st century, Med - you've got some catching up to do.

Did you just mention adulterous behavior and Trump in the same breath and think nobody was going to point out the irony? This would be the guy who met his second wife at the church where he married his first wife - while he was still married - and said he didn't think adultery should be a sin in a 1990 interview with The New York Post. I'm still at a loss how a three time married serial adulterer, who boasts of forcing himself on women and grabbing their genitals, won the evangelical vote.

Originally posted by Medclinician Medclinician wrote:

We who are Christians have tolerated all faiths

Okay then...

Here's a thought. Next time you meet a Native American, share your fears about America speaking a foreign language and see how much common ground you have. They can probably help with the concept of Christian terrorism too - ask them about Sand Creek and Wounded Knee. And before you try to relegate that particularly nasty episode to history, remember that it's part of "all that has been built in more than 200 years". You don't get to cherry pick.

Trump complained about the rising stock market during Obama's Presidency being "a bubble". And that was with the regulations placed on Wall Street following the recession that hit during Bush's time in office. The economy was soaring back then? Tell that to the people who lost everything to the greed of the very same bankers who are once more lining their pockets, with little thought given to the consequences of an increasingly unregulated market. I guess we don't learn our lessons well enough these days.

Singling out groups like transgender individuals, and blaming them for the all the ills of the world is a low blow. I agree that there's a lot of things in the world we need to fix, but pointing the finger at vulnerable groups is the tactic of bullies and dictators. Who gets to use which bathroom is a common thread in many of your posts these days, and doesn't help your argument. You wrote much better stuff when you didn't post angry, Med.

By the way, the automobile was more than likely invented by Karl Benz - a German. Just saying.