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Online Discussion: Tracking new emerging diseases and the next pandemic

Post Reply - WORST President EVER

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Topic - WORST President EVER
Posted: October 03 2017 at 10:19am By Technophobe
I am a minister of my faith, my husband is a vet.  Don't try Trump's pi$$ing contest Tactics on me.  I have taken homeless people home and housed them myself, repeatedly - charged no rent, fed them for nothing and given them the space to get their act together long enough to get a foothold in life.  All who have left are now housed and able to feed themselves.  

If you have had so many black friends, why do you automatically quote the far-right drivel that accuses them of everything from racist attacks against white people, to insulting the country when they protest injustice perpetrated in its name?  Did you read Satori's post "Have you no decency?"  Did you realize that the original author was an astronaut a proud patriotic American one?  I believe you when you say you are not a racist.  But many of your posts are racially insensitive and some come over as outright racist.  i don't think you mean to give that impression, but that is what comes across.  "This is becoming an exercise in connect the dots. Country Western - the South - Antifa - ISIS - was this a racially motivated crime against White People?" for instance.

Trump's speech was beautiful, apt apposite and warm.  It solves nothing, but I was impressed by it

Yes KJU is a playground bully. 'And Trump does have a history of deals which work.  But KJU is not a businessman, he is a dictator.  He does not rely on business law to police his deals, he relies on China, who have said they will not let America make the first strike without retaliation.  Trump is brilliant at tactics which are inappropriate in this situation and does not seem able to adapt.  The more Trump bluffs and blusters the faster KJU builds up his arsenal and Trump can't start things off on a war footing without bringing China in.  So, all this bravado does is speed up KJU's arsenal building.  STUPID AND DANGEROUS!

China are not going to sort NK out. Period!  Saying it needs to happen will not change that, no matter how many times you say it.  There are other options, but very delicate ones,  Trump's attitude may close those diplomatic doors forever.

Trump has achieved a few minor successes, granted.  However he is failing miserably in all the major ones.  He started his term with ALL THREE HOUSES holding a Republican majority.  Had the majority of Republicans agreed with him on anything, his bills would have sailed through.  The fact that they have not suggests that the politically savvy think him either stupid, uninformed or deluded (or all three).  This is also illustrated/confirmed by the rash of resignations and sackings in the White house and Trump's war with the media.  His trumpets seem to love him, as do a few hard-line far-right groups and individuals, the rest either see him as a manipulative bully, an orange buffoon or their biggest mistake yet.