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Post Reply - The Real News - We are not getting it.

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Topic - The Real News - We are not getting it.
Posted: October 16 2017 at 6:55am By Medclinician
Both Fox and CNN this morning were a joke.  I used enjoy reading the news but it has turned into a Social Justice Warrior megaphone.

Hillary is a dead issue. She was a criminal who endangered our national security and lied about many things and lost the elections. She is never going to run for anything again and win and how she feels about the NFL players kneeling for the anthem is beyond a yawn.

Last night I dreamed about football - and my only comfort was it was better than walking through the aftermath of a nuclear attack on New York - again.

Barack Obama was in the news for his controversial swap and we have more stories of pervert old women with younger men which I guess is a thrill for all the lurking cougars out there that fantasize about such things.

Weinstein now the scuzball of Hollywood gave Clinton money to battle Lewinsky after their xxx rated encounter and near impeachment.

Both Texas and Florida received top billing for the hurricanes while the fires continue to rage in Northern California killing people and no one seems to care.

The bottom has fallen out of the accusations that Trump was involved in any way with the Russians to influence the election and the memos from Comey aren't worth screen they were typed on.

The Democrats continue to talk about impeaching Trump and still will not accept Hillary lost. It has been nearly a year now. 

The minority - majority - the people who were minority and now are 51% of the U.S. due to rampant illegal immigration lost their effort to take over the government and get special treatment for anyone of color or religions other than Christian.

The tonight show host won't engage in Trump bashing and his ratings dropped 30% while Saturday Night Live still has a field day with fish looking pictures of Trump. I have yet to see but three decent Trump pics of him smiling and not looking like some frumpy nerd.  That's mainstream for you. Trump bashing has become an industry and those who say nay - can be hunted.

The news is no fun anymore. It is like cable where we have a token gay - a token transsexual, lesbian, and one each of racial groups in the cast because ... I guess for ratings. You cannot have an all white show or company.

There have to be classes on dealing with diversity which are mandatory in businesses now on how to deal with racial issues.

There doesn't need to be racial issues. People should be treated the same. There are jerks of every color and people are mean to each other no matter what race or religion.

I wonder sometimes what happened to America. They have pretty much ruined it. Alternate lifestyles are not natural and not good for our country.  People should not have to like anyone and not have to justify how they feel or why they feel it. It is their choice.

Nobody is happy anymore about much of anything. I don't live in an inner city and I don't want to. I am tired of watching news and cable about people who are so different from me - the young - the strange and the real loss of the American male of his manliness and strength to a host of lisping, men lusting after other men - which the biblical Old Testament used to stone to death. All of this being forced down the throats of ministers who feel it is against their beliefs to marry two men and goes against everything they have been taught for 2,000 years.

Free speech?  Depends on who is speaking. If you are a conservative or actually support Trump - even in social media you can be cut off and muted.

The problem with Social Justice Warriors is they do not offer any usable solutions with their criticism. Not a shred. No bills in Congress to do anything but give out more money for votes of people wronged as we try and balance trillions of dollars in debt and not cut anything to anyone.

No can do. I am a tolerant person. Whatever people choose to do in the privacy of their own home is their choice. Although some people do not draw a line with barnyard animals or dogs - women included. Greece did it. Rome did it. Caligula did it and what happened?

We are in the last days biblical or otherwise and those who ignore history and what destroyed civilizations are doomed to repeat it.

Disgusted. No desire to see anyone suffer, lose money, be fired, get hurt. Just disgusted.

So how was you week?  The media sucks. What a Monday it is.