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The truth is the *3rd way* is now the only way

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Topic: The truth is the *3rd way* is now the only way
Posted By: Truth
Subject: The truth is the *3rd way* is now the only way
Date Posted: December 28 2008 at 2:00pm
Now that our country has been finally raped and pillaged by the same profiteers that have been raping the rest of the world of its capital for the last thirty years, there is exist only one final choice and that's creating a 3rd way where capitalism is ultimately joined with socialism. The days of a complete open market Laizze faire system are over.

I for one dont have much of a problem with this. France, Germany, and even England amongst other European countries have been successful with the 3rd way system.   And the US is at that point in history where it cant grow that much more anyway.   I only hope that Obama gets the economy going somehow,but it seems like the only real way he can do that is by investing in alternative forms of energy, none of which currently are sufficient to cause a 3rd industrial revolution. I imagine much money with have to spent in research and development for a new energy source.

But one thing is for sure folks, there is no going back. This *depression* will change our collective futures completely. We will now have to do what most other develop countries have done and that's to embrace aspects of socialism and develop a mixed economy.

Posted By: FluMom
Date Posted: December 28 2008 at 5:59pm
Hey don't worry about the "depression" worry about all the money Obama and Bush have and will print...worry about deflation. Ask the Japanese they have been having fun for the past 20 years.

Socialism is what Obama and the Democrats promised,must be that you do not make or have very much money Truth are you looking for the free hand out under the Dems?

Always Be Prepared

Posted By: Truth
Date Posted: December 28 2008 at 6:29pm
I own businesses FluMom and make pretty good money with them.   We arent really talking hand outs here. We are talking about a free market system that has had no oversight whatsoever and therefor has been for a speculators who have jacked prices up to exaggerated fictional levels just to get them rich. What we are discussing here is greed. And the government, of course, needs to step in now and start regulating the economy. This is socialism. You understand Flumom that the money from the government bailout has been used to buy banks( think AIG, Washington Mutual, Bears Sterns, etc) Loan Companies (freddy Mac and May) and soon GM, Ford and Chrysler. So its not about what I WANT, its what is happening. We are now a mixed economy. We are turning into a socialist country and the point is, what we learn from history here Flumom, is that unfettered *pure* capitalism does not work. Economies must be mixed.

Posted By: FluMom
Date Posted: December 28 2008 at 6:40pm
Hey I am totally against the Govt Buy Out it is not part of the free market "Capitalistic" system. What we have learned from history is that Socialism does not work look at England it is a mess and Canada's health system forces their people to the U.S. to get health care.


Always Be Prepared

Posted By: Truth
Date Posted: December 29 2008 at 4:38am
How is England a mess? And how is Canadian Healthcare forcing Canadians to get US healthcare? The Healthcare system in Canada is well known for its success. Perhaps you are referring to specific areas of medicine that are more developed and yet far more expensive in the US that Canadians are seeking. In general the healthcare system in Canada is far better by helping far more people across the board.   Maybe you are confusing *system* with some specific *technologies*?

Whether you are in favor of the buyout is immaterial. The fact is that there was a buyout and their will be more, much more because the capitalist economy is in ruin and falling fast into a bottomless pit. So the only way that anyone knows how to stop certain global financial ruin is to have government involvement to the degree in which government is buying otherwise private institutions and therefore making them government institutions a la socialism.

So the US is headed for a *third way* socialist economy whether you like it or not FluMom.

Posted By: FluMom
Date Posted: December 29 2008 at 2:03pm
LOL Truth you are a true idealist, without a clue.

Always Be Prepared

Posted By: Truth
Date Posted: December 29 2008 at 2:13pm
Are you really laughing out loud? Or do you post that to sound snappy?

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: December 29 2008 at 2:48pm
Canadian Healthcare isn't perfect...but I know a few people who got op's... (non emergency, you have to wait a bit) that were very pleased and would not be able to get it here due to cost.  Most like the Elder housing.
I think the 3rd way is meant to be a combo? of the good that is capitalism and a bit of socialism (healthcare with gov. assist) and Social Security.  I can go for that along with some regulation for Wall Street/Banks.  We have to reign in Greed a bit.
Put a straight 15%  Fed tax on everyone, excepting...  no Fed tax for under 20, away with most of the IRS $$$, new forms, new ideas, new loophole, new hires...big savings. 

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