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Trumps choices

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Printed Date: October 20 2018 at 7:45am

Topic: Trumps choices
Posted By: Dutch Josh
Subject: Trumps choices
Date Posted: November 11 2016 at 12:35am
As president-elect, US president from january 20 2017, some of the decisions president Trump may try to reach:

Away with Obama-care ? As a European some sort of state-organized healthcare system is the norm. Obama-care, to name it that way, was a sort of attempt to get same basic healthcare system in the US (correct me if I am wrong). This being the Avian Flu Talk Forum-healthcare for everybody has to be a priority. So doing away with the-far from perfect-Obama-care puts the question and then what ? All kind of private-profit oriented, bank related, "health insurers" leaving millions of US citizens without access to proper healthcare is an international health-risk." rel="nofollow - 57 Arab/Muslim countries would withdraw their embassadors from Washington when the US accept Jerusalem as the Israel capital.  A pro-Israel policy could push Arab/Muslim countries further towards Russia/China (increase of Iran-influence, but also has a risk of radical muslims taking over power in some countries). 

Most US immigrants arrive by plane. Building a wall along the US mexican border may result in "creative new ways in wich human/drug trafficing will get inside the US". 

Of course stopping NAFTA-economic cooperation with Mexico also will be welcomed by China and Russia. If the US wants Chinese to become the second language in Mexico, is looking forward to Mexican-Brasil-Russia-China navy drills not far from New York-it is a choice. 

When somewere in the US the plastic casting and the electronic part are combined by one robot, put in a box with a print "Made in the USA" by another robot will that bring back US jobs ? Salaries, people, are a very important productionfactor. That is why a lot of jobs went from China to countries like Cambodia, Bangla Desh, Ethiopia. About half the human population lives in Asia. If the US wants to create jobs in the (re)United States do they want to have a share of the Asian market ? 

Climate change is self-evident, politicians can choose to ignore it, just like they can choose to ignore poverty, growing health risks, earthqaukes related with fracking...everything has a price. 

Europe will get their "Trumps" in 2017-but the questions will not change, problems need answers. 

Economic growth can be archived by doing a lot more with lower costs-so a more clever way to use energy, water, re-use of materials are a challange, just like including people in the labormarket that are now marginalized. The US/EU can not exclude large groups of their populations on basis of their religion, color-of-skin or the nationality of their parents. Even when you send large groups towards poor countries from wich they came governments have to find a role for themselves to be accepted  by most of their citizens. We are all living on the same (small) planet !

Que sera, sera, Whatever will be, will be, The future is not ours to see, Que sera, sera !

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