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July Prepping 2018

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Printed Date: May 22 2019 at 3:42pm

Topic: July Prepping 2018
Posted By: Penham
Subject: July Prepping 2018
Date Posted: July 02 2018 at 10:16pm
What is everyone working on this month? Our garden is finished for spinach and lettuce, it's way to hot, we are already having 100+ degree days. We still have onions, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, jalapenos and tomatoes growing. We ate all the radishes. I need to plant something in place of the spinach, lettuce and radishes. What is everyone else working on?

Posted By: EdwinSm,
Date Posted: July 03 2018 at 2:49am
Watering the garden, starting to enjoy some new potatoes and young onions (in salad - too dry for them to get big enough for cooking).

Otherwise slowly working on more fencing to discourage deer from using our garden as a through way - they will still be able to get in but only from the road side (blocking access from the safety of the woods which are on three sides).  My guess is that it will not be enoughCry

Posted By: arirish
Date Posted: July 16 2018 at 9:23pm
We're putting up green and yellow beans, freezing peppers and eating lots of tomatoes and melons! Spending late afternoons and evening's in the pool! Love this time of year!

Buy more ammo!

Posted By: CRS, DrPH
Date Posted: July 16 2018 at 9:30pm
Honestly?  Target practice and buying concealed carrying holsters.  


Posted By: arirish
Date Posted: July 19 2018 at 9:46pm
I've been doing some reloading but won't site in my hunting rifles until August. Small game season doesn't start here until Sept. 1st.

Buy more ammo!

Posted By: EdwinSm,
Date Posted: July 19 2018 at 10:44pm
Uncovered a well in the unused plot across the road from us, and found it usable with bucket and rope (our well ran out of water this week, although some is trickling in).

I think the well across the road was the original one for our house but was lost when the large front garden was lost when the road was re-sited, all this long before we bought the property.  The well is lower down and on the level of large fields.

It is nice to know of an emergency supply of water near by, but I found out that I had to buy rope for the bucket - as we must have given away the rope we had when we gave away our boat (to rotten for us to repair, but a person with boat building experience was willing to have it for his son).

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