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NATO-BRIICSS+ conflict

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Adviser Group

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    Posted: June 08 2023 at 3:00am


[url][/url] or ;

Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika is the definitive history of the implementation of the INF Treaty signed by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in all its complexities, and the lengths both sides went to “trust, but verify” this successful and unique historic disarmament process. It demonstrates how two nations fundamentally at odds with one another could come together and rid the world of weapons which threatened international peace and security and, indeed, all of humanity. Those engaged were pioneers in what was to be the new frontier of superpower arms control―on-site inspection―that would define compliance verification for future treaties and agreements to come. Their work represents not just a guide to but the standard upon which all future on-site inspections will be based and judged.

The NATO-west -in fact- has no other option than start talking to BRIICSS+...

In Ukraine [url][/url] or Military Summary -another NATO pushed Ukraine offensive is resulting in the destruction of dozens of tanks, fighter jets, hundreds of Ukraine soldiers getting killed. ANY OFFENSIVE on such a basis is suicide, selfdestruction...crazy !

like Scott Ritter [url][/url] or -very likely to go to Russia promoting his book-and promoting arms control, sanity...[url][/url] or New Atlas, [url][/url] or talking to CGTN host [url][/url] or ...

DJ-A "group of crazy western fanatics" is pushing for war-industry profits by promoting more wars...without going into a "real war" because that would end US/UK/EU war industry...


-Yes we may see (more) NATO troops moving into Ukraine...Poland may have seen over a 1,000 of its "military volunteers" killed...UK, US "advisors/instructors" also got killed...

-Yes...maybe even NATO planes may go for "promoting peace by war" in Ukraine...they will be shot down...

-Yes...US/Israel may try to "stop Iran"

-China tensions could increase...

But so far the west avoided getting involved that much war would spread into the EU/UK/US...


[url][/url] or ;

A satellite service in France measures the water levels of lakes and water reservoirs like the Nova Khakovka Dam. The data suggests that Ukraine artificially raised the water level in the reservoir to the highest level in 8 years just before the dam was destroyed. Smoking gun?

Last October, the Russian Federation alerted the United Nations they had uncovered a plot by Ukraine to blow the dam, and had begun evacuating about 80,000 people from Kherson to prevent them from being KILLED when the dam was blown.   Russia sked the UN to intervene to prevent what would become a catastrophe if Ukraine carried out the dam attack. 

Moreover, an article in the December 29, 2022 issue of the Washington Post reported back then that Ukraine’s military command considered the option of artificially raising the water level in the Dnipro River as part of the operation to liberate Kherson, Maj. Gen. Andriy Kovalchuk, who led the counteroffensive, said in an interview with the Washington Post on Dec. 29.

The Ukrainians, he said, even conducted a test strike with a HIMARS launcher on one of the floodgates at the Nova Kakhovka dam, making three holes in the metal to see if the Dnipro’s water could be raised enough to stymie Russian crossings, but not flood nearby villages.

The strike on the dam was successful, he said, but its destruction remained a last resort, which was ultimately avoided. 


Finally, as you read this tory today, June 7, 2023, the sluice gates of Dnepro Hydroelectric Power Station upstream from Kakhovka are still fully open, which is a sure indicator that Ukraine is not interested in slowing down the flood caused by the destruction of Kakhovka dam.  Here's video of those gates still being open:

The sluice gates of Dnepro Hydroelectric Power Station upstream from Kakhovka are still fully open, which is a sure indicator that ukraine is not interested in slowing down the flood caused by the destruction of Kakhovka dam.

DJ, there are "limits to lies" even for NATO members....

Taiwan is in talks with Bejing...South Korea, Japan are in talks with their major economic partners. And of course those partners are in Asia...OPEC+ further decreasing production will further increase energy problems for the "NATO-west"....

[url][/url] or ;

Significant progress in the US-Iran talks underway in Vienna is reported by sources close to the IAEA (international Atomic Energy Agency) following a new proposal. The Biden administration is reported to have made this offer to Tehran: Halt high-grade uranium enrichment and in exchange we will release $20m of the frozen assets locked in Western banks as part of the sanctions regime imposed on the Islamic Republic.

DJ, The US is violating international law by "locking" assets of Iran (Venezuela, Afghanistan, Russia)...most countries now try to avoid running risks in western banks... view, the "NATO-west" is running out of options -and into massive protests...

[url][/url] or 

[url][/url] or 

DJ-EU "concentration camps" for refugees at EU borders ? With the EU/NATO starting wars and not stopping climate, health crises....

Lots of European policy makers are against "camps"....

NATO more and more is getting divided;

-US has a major conflict with China...the "Ukraine crisis" went "out of control"

-US still very divided..."uni-party" running into major opposition...

-EU followed US -but now is seeing its economy destroyed...the "war" was not a short road to victory-becoming a major problem

-UK high speed third world status/"failed state"..."Conservative-Labour-Union-Party" CLUP destroying that way only increasing public outrage...

[url][/url] or ;

"The Party Is Always Right" (also know as Lied Der Partei, or Song of the Party) is a party and socialist song written in the 1950s as the anthem of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED). The song was frequently used at congresses and events held in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), including May Day, alongside the socialist anthem "The Internationale" and other German socialist songs like "Auf, Auf Zum Kampf" and "Arbeiter Von Wien." After the collapse of the German Democratic Republic and breakup of the SED, the song maintained its popularity and common use as a secondary anthem for many current Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations like the KPD and Roter Morgen, and Ostalgie (nostalgia for East Germany) groupings. (English Subtitles)

DJ, in a democracy there has to be room for difference of opinions...From vaccines to international relations...The "lack of room" in "the NATO west" is undermining democracy...A tendency to "uni-party" with all major parties agreeing on most major points is unhealthy !


[url][/url] or ;

Rutte admitted that his Cabinets and he himself made some “unprecedented” mistakes with gas extraction in Groningen. He feels shame and anger at himself for that, he said. “Shame because you know what the consequences were and are.” But he would not resign. “My absolute conviction is that I want to be part of the way forward,” he said.

That was enough for the coalition parties VVD, D66, CDA, and ChristenUnie. But all of the opposition except for the SGP supported a vote of no confidence against Rutte. The no-confidence was for Rutte himself, not his Cabinet.

“An entire province has been sacrificed for the State’s lust for money under the responsibility of this Prime Minister,” said SP parliamentarian Sandra Beckerman. “This Prime Minister must go.” According to her, it is an extra shame “that a vote of no confidence is needed at all.”

“My faction is shocked by the way in which the Prime Minister looked back,” GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver said. He found Rutte’s expressed regret insufficient.

DJ, Gas exploitation in the north part of NL did cause earthquakes...but was good for profits of Shell and Exxon...neo-liberal sponsors...

Production could have DEcreased from 2012-NL still would have enough for export obligations...but "rutte/neo-liberals" INcreased production for Shell/Exxon profits....causing more earthquakes...

In 2021 NL had 13% of its energy needs from renewable, in 2022 it was 15%...storing renewable (most solar/wind) energy may increase renewable energy value further...If we could reduce energy consumption maybe 18-20% of NL energy needs could be "home made"...(with lots of solar panels, wind turbines imported from -most- China...(Uyghur made...)...

Also NL food prices-in comparison with some other countries-could see limited inflation...We produce and trade food...NL in some ways is the "EU distribution center" still-limiting costs...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
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The duran [url][/url] or ; Decline of the EU w/ MEP Clare Daly, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen 

DJ, In Brussel-EU capital 60,000 lobbyists "control" the European Parliament (EP)...the EP however does NOT control EU leaders...Industry via lobbyists and industry owned media do control politics...So the war for profits goes on...EU as a US "colony" room for debate...

[url][/url] or

The Dutch economy will grow by 0.6 percent this year and 0.9 percent next year. Rabobank expects this after the first quarter of 2023 recorded a surprising economic contraction due to the weakening of world trade. ABN Amro economists have also become less optimistic and expect 0.7 percent growth this year and 1 percent in 2024.

The Rabobank economists predict that Staff shortages will limit economic growth while the demand for goods and services remains stable due to household and government spending. That will increase inflation, but less than last year. Rabobank also assumes that unemployment will rise slightly but remain low due to the continuing shortage of personnel.

DJ, The NATO-west is sinking into economic collapse...Energy will become problematic coming winter...

[url][/url] or  and

[url][/url] or 

DJ Major NATO excercises with also NATO fighting Russia in Ukraine may "mix"...A.o. Military Summary/MS [url][/url] or Ukraine is losing tanks-including Leopard-2 tanks- high speed...The Ukraine offensive since june 5 may have seen over 5,000 Ukraine soldiers killed...[url][/url] or ; The unashamed glorification of Nazism has been the “new normal” in former Ukraine for nearly a decade now. And while even the mainstream propaganda machine has been reporting on it relatively regularly until early 2022, ever since, there’s been a disturbing trend of whitewashing amid attempts to portray the Neo-Nazi junta as some sort of “heroes of the free world”. Worse yet, it was Russia and its leadership that have been openly portrayed as the “new Nazi Germany”.

DJ, western "reporters/propagandists" asking Ukraine fighters to cover nazi-symbols (or photoshop it away ?) As a reminder-the west supported hitler in the 1930's because "stalin was worse"....

The New York Times

The decision by some Ukrainian soldiers to wear patches with Nazi icons threatens to reinforce Russian propaganda used to justify the invasion. It also could give the symbols mainstream life after the West's decades-long efforts to eliminate them.


If Ukrainians are wearing Nazi symbols and adhere to Nazi ideology, then it wasn't Russian "propaganda," it was Russia warning the world.

[url][/url] or "Semi-NATO" Israel keeps attacking targets in Syria/Lebanon...with Arab/Iran reaction very likely coming soon...

The "NATO-west" is fighting BRIICSS+ often via terrorism, indirect/proxy warfare...Western "media/propaganda" are a very major tool;

-to get the general public to still support billions for more weapons

-to force politicians to "step in line"...

DJ-Western democrazy becoming more and more "democrazy"....The outcome a "democratic dictatorship"; politicians doing what their "sponsors/owners" tell them to do...NO room for critical questions, debate, thinking...Very depressing !

It is NOT in the interest for western war industry to have an all out nuclear war...would be bad for profits ! However countries spending 90% of their GDP on wars would be in the war-industry share holders interests...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
Location: Arnhem-Netherla
Status: Offline
Points: 92737
Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote Dutch Josh Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: June 09 2023 at 11:04pm

[url][/url] or 

Russian Spring | The Complete Defeat Of The Ukrainian-NATO Forces. Military Summary For 2023.06.09

military Summary/MS closing his latest update on the Ukraine "offensive/suicide"...two UK "storm shadow" missiles hitting a children holliday camp in doubt "western intel" did see this holliday camp as a "military target"....

[url][/url] or Weeb Union; 

COMPLETE FAILURE Of The Ukrainian Offensive (so far) | Summer Offensive Update 09/06/23

DJ, [url][/url] or ;Hindustan Times/India;

Biden Washes Hands Off Ukraine's Failed Counteroffensive; 'Have Done Everything We Could..' | Watch

After Ukraine's apparent 'failed' counteroffensive against Russia, President Joe Biden in a press briefing stated that the West and its allies have exhausted all efforts to arm and prepare Ukraine for an attack against Russia. However, Biden has ensured unwavering support to Kyiv

what can I say....Most of NATO-west weapons in Ukraine by now have been destroyed. Very likely hundreds of billions of $/€ of "militairy aid" is gone...replacing that "military support" will cost several times that amount of money...

It is not only Ukraine pushed to destroy itself, "western political criminals' also destroying the NATO "west"....

Worst parts;

-Ukrainians killed must be in the hundreds of thousends...

-Ukraine refugees over 10 million

-trust in "politics/propaganda-media" in NATO-west is gone...

So...will the NATO-west increase its selfdestruction by sending in western "boots on the ground" ? Will western F16's be shot down over Ukraine or F35's ? 

[url][/url] or 

Of course western "media/propaganda" ignoring Ukraine total destruction in its "offensive"...Western propaganda focussing on the dam-blow up flooding in the Dnjepr-delta...blaming Russia for it. As always without any proof...lots of indications point to Ukraine/NATO blowing up the dam (from timing to NOT closing dams north of the reservoir to decrease water influx). 


US "politics" The duran [url][/url] or ; Using lawfare to knock Trump out of 2024 race now I have lost my trust in "western politics/media"...a lot of NATO country citizens are breaking with the power elite...

The damage this "power elite" is creating is that massive it results in western/NATO self destruction...In Ukraine the NATO military may run out of weapons for realistic warfare...Ukraine "leaders" may still push soldiers to front lines with sticks & stones...One may only hope Russia is willing to take them as P.O.W. 

[url][/url] or ;

The biggest tactical mistake I see on the Ukrainian side is the bunching up of vehicles. The distance between combat vehicle on roads and in open fields should be 100 meter, not 10, 5 or 1 meter like in the picture below. The Ukrainian columns regularly get slaughtered by artillery strikes because they always(!) bunch up. Keeping distances is a basic training lecture for any combined arms warfare unit.

Where are the air defenses? Ukraine has received 37 German Gepard (cheetah) air defense tanks. These are old but can keep the air clean,  each within a 10 kilometer wide bubble. The Gepards were specifically designed to cover tank and mech-infantry battalions in battle. But judging from the number of drone videos the Russian can put out, there is not one Gepard in the whole area.

Also where are the electromagnetic measures. Why can Russian artillery directing drones fly over the combat zone but not Ukrainians?

Why are no fog grenades used by Ukrainian artillery to cover the approaches and breaching attempts by Ukrainian armor?

How are piecemeal commitments, wave after wave but hours apart, going to change anything when what is needed are massive consistent pushes to get through?

Folks, these are basics, not higher level operational or strategic issues. I have drilled these basics into conscripts. If you can't even get those right, after allegedly intense 'western' training, what hope is there to breach through seriously prepared Russian defense lines?


and [url][/url] or ;

The recent reporting on the conflict in Ukraine in 'western' media has reveled a deceiving scheme in which baseless claims from Kiev are taken for granted while everything Moscow says, even when based on facts, is put into doubt.

DJ, There has been a "ping-pong" between Kiev lies and NATO lies resulting in Afghanistan XL disaster...Does NATO want to go for an Iraq-level of mass murder-over 1 million Iraqi killed ? 

Will western propaganda now go for "trump crimes" in "US election campain news"? 


DJ-What do non-western countries think of the present-insane-NATO west ? 

After 79 years... German tanks are crashing again on the Eastern Front


Medvedev to American politicians who criticize the SMO: Who are you to open your heathen mouth? The Deputy President of the Security Council of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, listed US and NATO military operations in other countries, stressing that the Americans have no right to criticize Russia, which, unlike them, protects its compatriots. "In recent decades, not a single major regional conflict has passed without the direct or indirect participation of American 'benefactors,'" Medvedev wrote on Twitter.


Military Summary noticed western countries do no longer want to see pictures of western weapons being destroyed in Ukraine...bad for shares....


DJ-I think NATO may have run out of military means -other than nuclear- for any major war. [url][/url] or ;

Lebanese Hezbollah has deployed “medium-range rockets” near the United States-led coalition garrison in the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on June 9.

Around 200 U.S. troops are usually deployed at al-Tanf. The coalition maintains a 55-kilometer no-fly zone around the garrison.

The London-based monitoring group said that the rockets and their launchers were transported by two trucks from positions of Hezbollah on the Syrian-Lebanese border to the area of al-Alyaniyah in the easter Homs countryside, which is located some 30 kilometers away from the border of the coalition’s 55-kilometer zone. They were later hidden in underground depots in the area.

No information on the exact type and range of the rockets deployed by Hezbollah near al-Tanf were provided by the monitoring group.

The claims came just a week after a report by The Washington Post revealed an alleged plan by Iran’s Quds Force, Hezbollah and the Syrian intelligence to launch attacks against U.S. troops in the country.

so it is "time to pay" ;

-US/NATO military/terrorists will be "cleaned out" out of Syria/Iraq

-Russia may deal with what is left of "NATO-aid" in Ukraine

-Russia/China will "secure" their East Asia borders (including Taiwan)

Of course it is up to NATO citizens to "wake up" ;

Boris Johnson quits over Partygate report. Resigns his seat with immediate effect.

DJ-In a "friendly scenario" bojo, blair, obama, bush-jr, clinton (h&b) and lots of other western "leaders" would face the I.C.C. for war crimes. History has lots of indications for "unfriendly scenario's". The internet provides means for massive repression. The western power elite will seek to increase more wars, more public money in war industry (shares)...Less public spending. 

The US/UK may give an indication; destruction of healthcare, education, infrastructure to get more money for the rich...

From pandemics, climate crisis to wars...the rich only try to get more rich...even if that is killing-at the end-the planet...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
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[url][/url] or ;

Russian Spring | The Ukrainian-NATO Forces Prepares More Attacks. Military Summary For 2023.06.10

DJ, Canada-trudeau visiting Kiev...promises F16's...Germany willing to send more radar...There seems to be a discussion inside NATO; 20 countries would welcome Ukraine in NATO, 10 would not...also unclear when Ukraine could join NATO-after "Ukraine victory"???

MS/Military Summary also claimed;

-zelensky visited Kherson/Xepcoh maybe also discussing some peace plan (with who ???)

-Russia may start its own "Free Ukraine" proxy army after NATO/Ukraine starting Belarus/Russian "Free army proxies"...

-A video of long distance mining/de-mining by Russia

DJ-In the US trump (77) made clear if he beats biden (80) war with Russia, China will end...I think most Americans hope fresh new politicians will run for US president...

In Germany left wing groups protested against NATO drills -starting tomorrow...june 12. 

All indications are Ukraine is losing lots of soldiers, tanks, an offensive they no longer deny. A Polish general did say NATO should go for a "no-fly-zone" over Ukraine, NATO control over the Black Sea - if NATO would escalate further in that direction it would mean NATO military openly fighting (pro)Russian military...

Over the past month, more than 100 attempts of penetration of Ukrainian drones into the Zaporizhzhya NPP were prevented “In just about the last month, we have recorded and stopped more than 100 attempts to penetrate the territory adjacent to the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant by unmanned aerial vehicles,” Renat Karchaa, adviser to the general director of Rosenergoatom, said on Soloviev Live. According to him, the activity of the Ukrainian side in this direction remains the highest. On June 9, it was reported that electronic warfare equipment landed 3 Ukrainian drones with PG-7L ammunition flying in the direction of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

DJ, Ukraine blowing up the Kharkovka dam [url][/url] or turned the once reservoir into a swamp. A dry summer may open a new route towards Russian held area's in Ukraine but also increases risks for the ZNPP [url][/url] or 

Ukraine controls dams north of the reservoir-with that also inflow of water from Dnjepr river...(The Kiev reservoir may contain nuclear waste linked to the [url][/url] or so lots of nuclear risks...UK depleted uranium munition may have been blown up in Russian strikes in West Ukraine). 


The West freaks out over China-Africa relations, but Global South welcomes it. "I'd be super thrilled if China's leading an alternative economic project, so we'll not rely on US dollar." New video w/ , debunking media's attacks on BRI.


BRICS Bank Chief   Dilma Rousseff: "BRICS is now just an acronym, because the reach of our bank is far more than just BRICS countries... We've always wanted to expand our membership in our development. Therefore, I believe your visit is of great importance." Honduras President   Xiomara Castro: "The conditions that we've had to endure in our countries came together with models that in any cases brought us more and more poverty and misery. And to open the doors for our country, firstly in the BRICS and ND Bank...  we think that there are all the possibilities that we could find mechanisms that will allow us to develop our economy and find permanent allies that will help us provide a different level of quality of life to our people."

-As a reminder [url][/url] or US also went after Lula da Silva-now Brazil president. Bribes ended Imran Khan in Pakistan...A US coup against Erdogan in Türkiye failed in 2016...just to mention a few "democratic moves" of NATO...

" We must occupy their country like Germany or Japan " - this is how the future US President Biden planned to solve the Yugoslav issue. Moreover, Biden proudly declared that he was one of the initiators of the bombing of Belgrade. NATO bombed Yugoslavia for 78 days until June 10, 1999.....

DJ, The Yugoslavia war/collapse was NATO reaction to a plan of Yugoslavia-Belarus-Russia cooperation...[url][/url] or killing "only" 140,000 people NATO "did better" in 2001 Afghanistan, 2003 Iraq...killing millions...


Western sabotage in international cooperation may see an "alternative UN" NOT run by the west, an alternative International Criminal Court...maybe going after bush-jr, tony blair, bojo, biden, balkenende for warcrimes...

We may end up with "western olympics" and the rest of the world going for their own alternatives...


⚡️ Iranian surgeon robot is slowly making a name for itself... It's named "Sina" after "ibn-Sina", a polymath, who was one of the most well known Persian physicians, astronomers, philosophers and writers in the country's history.

DJ since the only value the west has is money...even if it means destroying the planet, the rest of the world may have better plans...

(Maybe to make clear my position-I once voted for PSP-a Pacifist party that did end decades ago...Left wing groups [url][/url] or and right wing groups-trump etc.-are all against destroying this planet to get the rich even more rich...During World War Two resistance in both Germany and German held area's was pluriform...Communists often played a major role-partly also defending themselves (to not end up in concentration camps) but lots of right wing, even cristian groups organized against fascism...The NATO-west has a "democracy problem" silencing other views.

Are we on our way to a form of civil war? A "revolution"? Maybe for the US, UK two-party-system may bring more risks...)

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group

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Some relevant links; 

[url][/url] or Military Summary/MS on Ukraine. In fact Russia giving up limited land while destroying Ukraine forces. Main Ukraine goal is PR...get more NATO support/money...

Ukraine sea drones attacking Russian ships in Black Sea -coordinated by US Black Hawk drone..."Turkstream pipelines" Two different pipelines between Russia and Türkiye at risk...

DJ-If the US blows up those energy links Türkiye may join Russia, Iran, Syria in the war against NATO...

[url][/url] or The Duran on US-Iran tanker tensions...US stopping Iran tankers because they break US sanctions...So Iran stopping tankers going to western countries...[url][/url] or The Duran on Saudi Arabia/OPEC+ cutting further oil production...This will further worsen economies of the west...

DJ-In economic numbers EU giving 700 billion € as compensation for its sanctions to companies and households. The US further increasing debts...on top of over 200 billion (?) on weapons for Ukraine...The NATO-west is in self destruction modus...

[url][/url] or DJ-Basic story-"West" wants to "rule the world"...the "rest" does not accept that any longer...

DJ-The wise thing to do is talk...But you need "wise leaders" for that....


NATO may push for even more escalations; [url][/url] or and [url][/url] or 

DJ-If NATO is preparing for more NATO fighters, soldiers in Ukraine talks between Russia and China may result in China/Russia preparing a Pacific frontline...

No doubt there will be talks with (North)Korea, Indonesia, India...The Kwo-Mihn-Tang Taiwan party is expected to have talks with Bejing on "One China-Two systems"...South Korea, Japan may "work together" (maybe with Philippines) on de-escalation...China is -by far- the main trading partner...

In the Middle East North Africa/MENA Israeli claim [url][/url] or ;

Iran has swiftly followed up on its thaw with Saudi Arabia by offering to help the oil kingdom develop a nuclear program. Beijing which brokered the reconcililatilon is again stepping forward with backing. Acceptance of the offer by Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Salman would be a strategic poke in the eye for Washington, boost China’s Middle East footholds and upset the 2020 Abraham accords that normalized Israel’s relations with the Arab world.

DJ, Egypt, Türkiye are involved in Russian nuclear power...Iran may have plans for nuclear power-may work with Saudi Arabia on that...

Iran’s nuclear energy minister Mohammad Eslami threw out this possibility in March adding that Iran’s nuclear assistance to Saudi Arabia would be monitored by the UN’s atomic agency.

It took some weeks for Tehran’s initiative to register. On June 5, Israel’s minister of energy Yisrael Katz disclosed that Riyadh was demanding that the US establish a uranium enrichment plant in the kingdom as part of a deal for establishing diplomatic relations with Israel. He went on to say: “Iran is the most dangerous country in the world. Its acquisition of nuclear arms would add fuel to its support for the most extremist organizations which already serve as its proxies.” 

He added: “We are preparing for a situation which is far from theoretical and acting in the diplomatic sphere as well.” Katz also said: “I don’t think Israel is expected to agree to this, but we are talking.” At the same time, he said “Normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia is important and I hope it will lead to a peace agreement.”

These comments by the minister of energy were taken to mean that Israel is aware of – and takes exception to – the US-Saudi discussion of a uranium enrichment plant.

China is pushing ahead with its drive for influence in the region by backing Iran’s initiative for assisting the Saudis in the development of their own a nuclear program. 

This initiative would help Riyadh overcome the US-Israel veto against establishing an enrichment plant in the kingdom, according to Nour, a publicationthat speaks for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and sites affiliated with Iran’s National Security Council. Israel’s objection, they say, comes from its hostility to any move for strengthening the Islamic Nation.

DJ Israel may need to rethink its partners...[url][/url] or Arab/Iran region is stronger then ever before...also-with Russia/China support-willing to make a "deal" with Israel...Asia is the major global economy by far...

Large lithium field discovery in Iran to change balance of power 10% of the world's #lithium reserves, currently estimated at around 89 million tons, now believed to be in #Iran "It has the potential to buff the Iranian economy and seemingly nullify the effectiveness of the imposed sanctions. It is considered a "winning trump card" for the Islamic Republic that will increase its leverage with #China & #US

DJ renewable energy will need China, Iran...from windturbines to solar panels...

The major risk comes from US/NATO hard liners/racists..."white power" seems to be the basic ideology of the NATO-west...

A.o. Alex Christoforou pointed at exchange of Ukraine/NATO destruction of democracy...The NATO power elite is getting under more and more pressure from many sides. NATO companies may move to Asia/Africa/Latin America if they want to remain global players....

I think the EU is already at breaking point. EU talks with a Tunisian dictator in fact to lock up refugees in Tunisian concentration camps again underlining the BRICS view on NATO as a racist, terrorist, in many ways nazi, organization...Will biden go nuclear ? BRIICSS+ will have to do all they can-both via diplomacy and military to stop biden...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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[url][/url] or ;

BRICS Is Growing: FRANCE Is the First European Country To Join?

DJ, BRICS/BRIICSS+ has its main conflict with the US NOT !!! with the EU...

Macron made clear earlier-after a very warm welcome in Bejing by Xi-US conflicts, debts are NOT EU issues persé...

If the US want to go for endless debts, conflicts with almost all other countries -and lots of internal problems-it is a US choice...

Germany is "on the move" -both the "green" and FDP-"liberals" may not get over an election treshold...(5% of the votes)...Die Linke, AfD would get 25% (+?) of the votes if there were elections held in Germany...SDP and christian-democrats may end up with a lot of public unrest...

For now FDP=SDP-greens ruin/run Germany...[url][/url] or state run media try to ignore the Ukraine war problem...Most Germans, Americans want talks...not more war...


So biden-the insane arrested trump...How much deeper can the US "politics" sink ? 

In Ukraine the Ukraine offensive keeps destroying the Ukraine army...DJ-I think by now even most "pro war politicians" in NATO must see the limits...

So...will biden "invite" Putin for talks in a neutral country ? Since Sweden, Finland, Switzerland are no longer neutral maybe Iceland, Austria ? 

Will biden go for a "compromise" keeping Ukraine out of NATO and try to spin it as a "NATO victory"? (western media may go for that non-sense...). 

Or does BRIICSS+ go for an "end of NATO" ? 

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Good interview The Duran with Jeffrey Sachs/JS [url][/url] or ;

Security guarantees w/ Jeffrey Sachs (Live) #TheDuran #TheDuranLive Follow Jeffrey Sachs: The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD),

DJ, around minute 50 on the future of the US some very basic problems;

-"freedom of speech" translated into each (company/billionaire) $ is a political vote...(democrazy)

-US in between position 40 and 50 in life expectancy [url][/url] or 2020 has the US at 2023 it only will have gotten worse....

-DJ-of course if you ignore public health pandemics will be one of the outcomes....

JS was hopefull "Europe" might be able to "balance" the US...but the EU has the same lobbyist problem...(over 60,000 lobbyists in Brussel some no doubt trying to push company interests at both EU and NATO...both in Brussel (Brussel is the Dutch name, Bruxelles the French one, English has Brussels...[url][/url] or )

In short; in world war two the Soviet Union had over 20 million people killed..[url][/url] or  China 18 million...

The Soviets (and China) wanted peace...Austria could stay united if it stayed neutral. Russia pulled out of eastern Austria-Russian zone...It was willing to leave the Soviet/Russian zone in Germany as well if Germany would stay neutral...But "the west" wanted West Germany in NATO...that was the basis for East Germany/DDR...

Of course the Cuban missile crisis had to be mentioned. Via wikileaks we did learn the US did put missiles in Türkiye to begin with...Chrutsjew promissed Kennedy he would not tell the world the US pulled out its missiles from Türkiye...after wich the Soviet Union did stop its missiles in Cuba...

JFK wanted lasting peace...limit the US/west war industry and got murdered november another Kennedy is trying to push for peace...


My "feeling" is the US/NATO war machine is out of "politics" control...It will keep pushing for escalation untill BRIICSS+/others stop it...

The Organisation of African Unity OAU, Indonesia, Brazil, China may come up with plans to end the war in Ukraine but the basic conflict/problem is "the west"....If zelensky does not follow NATO orders another NATO puppet will...

The NATO-goal is to "liberate" Russian oil and gas, bring "western values" to China, India, Indonesia....Somehow a western elite is going for "white power" ...I do not want to see NATO and nazism as the same thing...eventough it may have the same colonial military industrial racist roots...but one point in the video; "march 2023 no depleted US uranium weapons to Ukraine...june 2023 the US will send depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine" ...US/NATO seems to be unable to get to reason...

[url][/url] or DJ-Electronic warfare, may be a try to stop insanity...

But stopping a crazy person may result in an explosion of insanity....

DJ-I would love to be optimistic....IF France is serious in trying to get in contact with BRICS it may be an opening...BRICS/BRIICSS+ may have to think on an answer...It would be unwise to keep France totally out...but France still is a colonial you can not allow France in without hurting Algeria, Vietnam...many other countries once exploited by France...

BRICS has to discuss the point how to deal with former to "balance risks" to avoid new colonialism...Germany was not that succesfull in colonialism...however in a short time of German colonialism the Germans did do a lot of damage... Dutch, Belgian colonialism killed millions in Africa, Dutch East Indies, slave trade....

JS mentioned UK-Russia conflict going back (at least) 200 years...We have a lot to learn....but STOP killing each other !

The NATO warmachine-getting a few billionaires even more money-has to be stopped by BRIICSS+....

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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[url][/url] or ;The story of the Russian Liberation Army, the German's Russian legion recruited from Soviet POWs.

DJ some comments;

My friend’s history professor was one of the few men who was able to look at the Russian archives when they were opened. According to him the reason they were closed again was because the Russians wanted to keep the mass collaboration of Russian soldiers and civilians from becoming public knowledge. Beyond just these soldiers, Russian civilians across the front welcomed the Germans as liberators and entire units of the Red Army surrendered en mass. Millions of these collaborators were eliminated by their own government after the war and publicly listed as having been killed by the Germans.


There was also a Russian formation operating in the Balkans composed from the White emigre officers, called Russian Protective Corps. In 1920 in the monarchist Yugoslavia there were about 30 000 white officers given asylum (most notably Wrangel).  After the invasion of Yugoslavia they joined the Germans with general Boris Shteifon as commander. At the peak it had 15 000 men mainly ex white Russians, they even used their former White uniforms.  They suffered heavy casualties during the Soviet liberation of Yugoslavia and evacuated to Austria to surrender to the British. An interesting fact is that after the war the Soviet collaborators were extradited to Stalin, the members of Russian Corps were spared, the Allies citing that they were not Soviet citizens.
Show less

DJ Some of the Russians in the German created "liberation army" joined the Prague uprising against Germany in may '45...fighting Germans...often ending up-still-in Russian camps...

[url][/url] or August 1944, a Ukrainian Waffen-SS battalion serving in France staged a dramatic mutiny against its German commanders and changed sides, joining the French Resistance. 

and [url][/url] or ; The largely unknown story of the first Ukrainian refugees in Britain - an entire SS division composed largely of Ukrainians who arrived in 1947, with many later emigrating to Canada - the 14th SS Galizien. Why did the British Government permit them to settle, and why are they today considered national heroes in Ukraine?

DJ, The UK -later on OSS/CIA- welcomed former Soviet fighters that had joined the nazi work a.o. as spy. But many colonial powers could use trained soldiers in colonial wars...The pope called these Ukrainians "good catholic-anti-communists"...Some comments;

My father worked as a miner in Lancashire and Stoke on Trent 1950 - 58. The collieries around Stoke had many Ukrainians and Poles working double shifts underground. A Ukrainian population existed in the Rochdale, Lancs (now Greater Manchester) well into the 70s. Their descendants will still be there.


I had a summer job in a Derbyshire quarry in the mid-80s and one of the people I worked with was an Eastern European in his 60s who spoke no English other than a stream of obscenities. One of his co-workers told me that he had fought against the Soviets in the war and lived in "a Russian gypsy colony over the hill." I've long suspected that he might have been a member of one of the foreign SS divisions and this video does seem to confirm that. Keep up the excellent work.

DJ...Napoleon did use Polish fighters against Russia-the Poles hoped they would get their own country if Russia would be beaten...[url][/url] or

The Holodomor (UkrainianГолодомо́рromanizedHolodomorIPA: [ɦolodoˈmɔr];[7] derived from морити голодомmoryty holodom, 'to kill by starvation'),[a][8][9] also known as the Terror-Famine[10][11][12] or the Great Famine,[13] was a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians. The Holodomor was part of the wider Soviet famine of 1930–1933 which affected the major grain-producing areas of the Soviet Union.[14]

While scholars universally agree that the cause of the famine was man-made, whether the Holodomor constitutes a genocide remains in dispute.[15] Some historians conclude that the famine was planned and exacerbated by Joseph Stalin in order to eliminate a Ukrainian independence movement.[b][16] Others suggest that the famine was primarily the consequence of rapid Soviet industrialisation and collectivization of agriculture.[17][18][19]

Some nations get caught between major powers; Ukraine in its history had Russia at the North and East, Türkiye/Ottoman empire in the south...Poland and Germany (a.o.) "active" in the west...

Poland was "stuck" between Germany and Russia...part of both countries till 1917/18.. Finland between Sweden and Russia...

It is wrong to exploit hate for profits....The UK has a long term conflict with Russia-in the 19th century it could make some sense...British India and Russia did "meet/fight" in Afghanistan, Uyghur-East Turkmenistan-China...Maybe in 2023 UK oil/gas interests can explain the very anti-Russian sentiment ? [url][/url] or 


[url][/url] or ;

According to an award-winning American journalist, most of the world’s population would be supporting Russia and condemning the US in the current conflict. The information echoes something that has already been widely seen by several analysts: the isolation of Washington and its Western geopolitical partners, while Moscow increases its popularity and number of allies.

During an interview to the British politician and journalist George Galloway, Pulitzer Prize-winner Seymour Hersh stated that “more than half” of the world’s population supports Russia. He commented on the growth of this support across the Global South, with Russia becoming increasingly popular among emerging nations. Hersh emphasized how this process has gained strength in Africa and Asia, where there is a strong transition of opinion among people, as citizens who previously had favorable views of the West have recently started to support Moscow.

Hersh claims that the US has “lost so much credibility around the world” with its pro-war attitudes, that the current anti-Western wave is quite “dramatic”. He also commented on how the American government has invested billions in the war to the detriment of social programs, strongly destabilizing the internal scenario and affecting its own population – which is extremely condemned around the world, being considered something “outrageous” and contributing to the loss of credibility.

DJ, The Soviet Union supported de-colonization...Countries like India, Indonesia, Egypt...even Israel have good long term relations with "Moscow"...

The "NATO-west" is not only losing support but may soon see OPEC+, de-dollar-ization causing energy, currency problems with also raw materials, production capacity getting problematic...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, The New Atlas/[url][/url] or ;

Brian Berletic, a former US Marine who is a journalist in Asia, broke apart the Uyghur genocide narrative and explained why there is no genocide.

link [url][/url] or describing the US-China conflict.

Great article about the increasingly irrational behavior of US proxies East and West and how Russia and China are working closer together to manage the growing threat they represent:

other link [url][/url] or

Significantly, on Friday, in a video conference with General Liu Zhenli, Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff Department of China’s Central Military Commission, the Chief of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces and First Deputy Minister of Defence General Valery Gerasimov expressed confidence in the expansion of military cooperation between the two countries and noted, “Coordination between Russia and the People’s Republic of China in the international arena has a stabilising effect on the world situation.” 

The Chinese media later reported that the two generals agreed that Russia will participate (for the second time) in the Northern/Interaction-2023 exercise organised by China, signalling a new framework of China-Russia joint strategic exercises alongside the  joint air patrol over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea by their strategic bombers. By the way, the sixth such joint air petrol was conducted on Tuesday since the practice began in 2019. 

DJ, China, Russia working to increase control over the West Pacific. 

WION-India [url][/url] or and [url][/url] or After visiting Venezuela and Nicaragua Iran president Raisi visited Cuba. 

DJ-Latin America is moving high speed towards BRICS...

[url][/url] or Danny Haiphong talking with Pepe Escobar. South East Asia main trading partner is China...SE Asian countries do also have a lot of trade with eachother...why would they damage their economy by sticking to the US$ ?

[url][/url] or Lena Petrova on EU economy in recession...high energy costs, high interest rates, high inflation...

Prepare for higher food prices later this year. U.S. wheat, soybeans and corn surged Thursday on the Chicago Board of Trade as the result of drought in the Midwest. A 3 months forecast shows drought will persist.

Extreme weather may increase both energy costs and food prices while high interest rates damage real estate investments...[url][/url] or ;

The main problem facing the Dutch economy is weak exports, due to recession abroad, particularly in the first quarter, experts say.

The big three banks forecast earlier that the economy would grow between 1.2% and 2% this year, but have now revised their figures downwards.

ABN Amro economists still see minor growth in the second, third and final quarters of the year, but said on Thursday that overall growth will be no higher than 0.7% this year. The figure for 2024 has been revised down from 1.3% to 1%.

DJ, NL main trading partner is Germany...

The BIG question;

Can NATO keep pushing for wars with Russia-Iran-China ? Or is the economy of NATO in reality in such a bad shape NATO has no alternatives than rethinking its strategy ? 

-The Ukraine war is going very bad for NATO...another NATO "Ukraine" army is being killed...Scott Ritter made it very clear-this is mass murder on US orders...Sending in as good as untrained Ukrainians with no air cover into minefields is criminal...It is NOT weakening Russia...

-Scott Ritter expects Ukraine may be out of means for further war by august...The NATO-west is running out of weapons to send to Ukraine. (DJ-Poland may already have send in thousends of "volunteers" -several thousend of them may have been killed already...UK, US, Georgia, Romania "volunteers" "advisors" may also have seen heavy losses). 

-From a military point of view the "Ukraine war" is insane...If you do not have air cover, no real protection against an overload of Russian artillery you need to "limit" the conflict...Some estimates put (pro)Ukraine deaths at over 400,000....Russian losses less then 10% of that number...with Russia having air/artillery control...

-There are claims zelensky his position is getting impossible..."bojo" was his (cocaine)link with NATO...(of course bojo now is seen in the UK as a mad man...). Both the Ukraine oligarchs, nationalists and NATO think zelensky does NOT deliver the "success" needed...Some "hawks" push for more escalation...(biden his investments -as US president- in Ukraine may become a weapon). 

So Ukraine is a major conflict zone...US did increase military in Syria, Iraq...Putin will visit Erdogan in Türkiye soon. [url][/url] or ;

"The Turkish president has confirmed his invitation to our president to visit Türkiye," Putin's adviser Yuri Ushakov said on Thursday, the Interfax news agency reported.

The plans for the trip are underway, he added, though a fixed date has not yet been set.

DJ, part of the Russian-Turkish talks will be over Iraq, Syria. BRICS+, trade will be another aspect. Even Jordan wants the US out of the MENA region...

DJ-Pepe Escobar mentioned Russia does not need to is the NATO west paying the highest price...NOT BRICS+ !

So...a look at that "NATO-west"....

-EU moving high speed in both political and economic crises...If climate, pandemic problems worsen the support for the present political elite may be over...However who can replace them ? Critical voices were kicked out of the political "cult"....

-In the US the "show trials" biden is organizing against trump in combination with high inflation/de-dollar-ization and very likely even worse pandemic, climate problems could "collapse" the US as a country within a year....

-The big risk is NATO power elite (in US-UK-EU) could look for "nuclear solutions" with Russia, China not having enough hyper sonic weapons to destroy US nuclear weapons at US bases (both in the US and other places...NL and Belgium, submarines...)

There may be a lot of discussion inside BRICS+ on France asking if it could send an observer to South Africa BRICS+ meeting...Algeria, Vietnam (among many others)  do remember the horror French colonial wars and racism did bring...However some form of cooperation between BRICS+ and the EU may weaken the US, UK even further...BRICS+ may be willing to even "work" with the US and UK if these countries are willing to respect others...

Neo-conservatives, neo-liberals in NATO are showing themselves not that much different from "earlier enemies" Russia, China/BRICS+ did fight in the recent past...

BRICS+ is becoming the largest anti-colonial, anti-racism organization in the world...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, trying to get some view on events;

-[url][/url] or Are some Kurdish groups in some sort of coalition with Ukraine ? 

DJ-No doubt (some in) the US/NATO would welcome it...There have been IS-fighters in Ukraine fighting for Kiev/NATO. The -in fact only-reason why there are still "moderate terrorists" in Syria, Iraq is NATO/Israel support...

My view-Israel will have to "balance" more and more;

-Syria, Iran get "better" fighter jets, air defense

-So Israel may go for targets now-slowing down a build up of Arab/Iran forces

-Israel is sending (up to 200 ?) tanks to Ukraine...but Israel needs good relations with Russia, China...

-Israel also would like to keep contacts with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc. as friendly as possible

DJ-My view; Israel will not go for an all out attack on Iran without NATO support. Such an attack would bring Israel/NATO not only in conflict with Iran, Russia and China see Iran as strategic partner...India has main energy interests...

[url][/url] or Iran is on its way to full membership of BRICS+. An attack on Iran IS an attack on BRICS+


In Ukraine the NATO forces see heavy losses without gaining much ground. Part of the Kiev/zelensky goal is PR to secure more NATO support. 

-One may discuss how many armies Ukraine/NATO has lost...the present offensive is yet another army being destroyed...

-Russia may go for a buffer/security-zone on the Russian-Ukraine border. It had a limited safety zone inside Russia. NATO agression with all kind of neo-nazi proxies (Russian/Belarus "patriots" often Polish) may result in Wagner units creating such a (20-30 kilometer ?) zone.

-There have been reports of Ukraine soldiers refusing to die on US orders....My view; mutiny/uprising may be a matter of weeks...

-Africa, China (a.o. also Vatican, secret) peace missions visit Ukraine...zelensky may decide to break with NATO (even with NATO "advisors" likely to kill him if he does stop following US orders). 

-Putin claimed in a press meeting close to 200 Ukraine tanks destroyed in the Ukraine offensive...Long distance attacks from Russia on logistic hubs in central/western Ukraine may have destroyed more supplies.

My view; NATO has to move in (more) openly if the want the NATO expansion war to go on...(making lots of profits for a war industry).  Here in NL gas-prices doubled...More demand from China, less supplies from Norway...

NATO has to have a way out for NATO energy supplies coming winter...US-LNG is by far not enough to replace Russian oil and gas...4x the costs of the Russian alternative...with the US itself in need of more of its energy...So there is a time limit. 


Lena Petrova [url][/url] or on Yellen even admitting de-dollar-ization is increasing. 

Since for medication, food, consumer goods the US has high imports de-dollar-ization will further push US inflation. 

DJ-There are limits to US energy exports....US energy production (fracking) may have peaked....

-In Syria/Iraq US may increase its presence...but if Türkiye joins Iran, Iraq,  Syria, Russia the US ends up in an impossible position...The "friendly confrontation" may be denial of supplies to US occupation forces in Iraq, Syria...The unfriendly way may be full military actions...

-Ukraine at breaking point...both military and economy...If zelensky does not get more NATO support he has to end the war...If NATO does go for more support Iran, China a.o. will increase their support (most in weapons) for Russia

-EU facing problems in coming, energy will push inflation and recession=public unrest...

-The US has the biden-trump war on top of inflation...In the US there may be more division over the Ukraine war then in most EU countries...

-BRICS+ is booming...however fast growth may be a danger...BRICS is NOT like NATO or is between countries with wider discussions on trade currencies (likely more then one...petro-Yuan, Rubble, Rupees, Lira will have a place...BRICS+ may think of what role the Euro/€ can play for BRICS+...for now France may "get a very restricted, limited role" in BRICS talks...If the EU breaks with the US/NATO maybe there may be more room for the EU...)

DJ If you would look at the EU as one country GDP by PPP would place the EU at #2 after China (the US still would be number 3, India #4). 

EU interests-with "Asia/Africa next door" and already very major European-Asian/African economic interaction (Tata-steel a.o. ) are different from US interests...

I think "NATO will break" on those differences...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, The Duran [url][/url] or -my "translation"; in the US biden/neo cons, in the UK conservatives push for the war against Russia. Most of the fighting in Ukraine...(Israel a major factor in Syria...but main Israeli enemy there is Iran. Israel still "in contact" with Russia). 

Pentagon/CIA-intel see China (with Russia, others) increasing power in the Pacific. 

During Vietnam war it was the Pentagon that warned Russia was increasing its nuclear to much focus on Ukraine may bring risks elsewhere...

DJ-Another major point; Japan only had 10% of the US GDP in needed surprise attacks in a wide area to "beat" the allies...On the long run Japan simply was not strong enough in that time...

China-2023- has 40% of global ship building capacity...the US not even one...Industry/production, raw materials, energy etc. are no longer under US-or even NATO-control...

[url][/url] or 

DJ, Sweden, Finland in NATO will mean paying a high price (in Kurdish support in Syria, Iraq, but also F16's) NATO has to pay to Türkiye...Including Kosovo in NATO -a "created country" not even recognized by several NATO countries-means making deals with Serbia...

Including Ukraine in NATO is turning out to have a price NATO can not afford...Georgia may be on a NATO waitinglist even longer...

Japan has a NATO office...Australia may "work with NATO" but most Pacific countries NEED trade with China-Asia...

[url][/url] or ;

"As the world is emerging from covid, people should move around more, communicate more, and enhance their understanding of each other," the Chinese leader added.

Xi spelled out that China stands ready and willing to engage in "extensive technological innovation cooperation with countries around the world" and "actively participate in and promote the response to global challenges," particularly in the areas of public health and the climate.

A report in American media gave some background on Gates' visit as follows

This is not the first time Xi has called on American business leaders to help improve relations between their two countries. In 2021, Xi wrote to Starbucks (SBUX)’ former chairman and CEO Howard Schultz, suggesting he help promote bilateral ties, according to Chinese state media.

Gates’ meeting with the leader of the world’s second largest economy came a day after his family’s foundation pledged $50 million toward research in China for drug discovery and treatments of "infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria, which disproportionately affect the world’s poorest," according to a statement from the Gates Foundation.

But also what potentially makes the visit awkward in terms of timing is just last week the FT reported that "Microsoft is moving some of its best artificial intelligence researchers from China to Canada in a move that threatens to gut an essential training ground for the Asian country’s tech talent."

"Beijing-based Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) has begun seeking visas to move top AI experts from China’s capital to its institute in Vancouver, said four people with knowledge of the plans," the report detailed, as the 'AI wars' and rivalry between China and the US heats up.

DJ, US companies may decrease interests in China...India, South Korea, Iran, Russia and Chiese companies are able to (more than) fill the gap...

-In general-does "the NATO west" have a clear view of who they want to fight and how ? 

The longer conflicts goes on the weaker the NATO west is getting...not only in sending military/financial aid to Ukraine but even more by being excluded/sidelined by most of the world..

The "de-dollar-ization" only started to gain speed...

-BRICS may run into some problems in the nearby future on who can join when, what currencies to use for what...basic idea in trade is bi-lateral contacts have to find ways for themselves...Iran-India can exchange goods...while India may buy energy from Russia in rupees...

Some NATO hardliners may push for nuclear war...but a nuclear attack on Russia would be self destruction for the US...A nuclear (Israeli) strike on Iran would be the end of Israel...

Nuclear options are limited...the main NATO "enemies of choice" are Russia-Iran-China...and that is a large piece of land...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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[url][/url] or Lena Petrova/LP on the global food situation.

DJ, Russia made some claims they may have a good harvest. Some other countries may only see limited effect of climate collapse this year...(as far as I can see so far NL/NW Europe is not doing bad so far...but we have a record long number of dry may be a bit early to make good predictions). 

However climate collapse and escalation of NATO wars may worsen the perspectives...If Russia has a lot of food/energy to export the US may try to stop the export to deny Russia an income (even if that would kill millions...). 

[url][/url] or The Duran on (DJ) US insanity...

The Pentagon/Intel would like a "more balanced" view on the international situation..Overinvested in Ukraine may result in China (with a.o. help of Russia...India ? Indonesia ? Iran ? South Africa ? ) becoming dominant in the Pacific and Indian Oceans...

biden seem to promote v.nuland...There are even stories of US tactical nuclear weapons going to Ukraine....sullivan may be promoting "limiting" the war till after the US elections...biden is in the illusion anyone may welcome him as US president any longer...

DJ, Poland, Romania may think twice before getting more involved in Ukraine...Their armies are smaller then the Ukraine army was...Russia seems to be getting stronger...DJ-China, Iran may (increase) sending weapons to Russia if NATO/US further escalates...Russia itself may have enough soldiers...(DJ-however in an open war with NATO, fighting also in Baltics, Finland, Poland, Russia may ask support from its -many- allies...[url][/url] or 180 (????) countries/organizations on the St Petersburg International Economic Forum [url][/url] or 

[url][/url] or Hindustan Times-India; Poland tried to stop the African peace mission flying from Kiev-via Poland-to Moscow...

[url][/url] or Military Summary/MS and [url][/url] or Weeb Union/WU describe the Ukraine offensive as a total disaster;

-thousends of Ukraine soldiers killed

-lots of modern western weapons (including Leopard-2) destroyed

Scott Ritter, Douglas Mc Gregor others expected this to happen...A modern army needs all of its weapons integrated in one big "war machine"...DJ-Without even air defense, Ukraine has no air support left- any offensive is suicide...

The PR-goal of zelensky is trying to get more NATO support on the upcoming next Vilnius NATO meeting....DJ-Even with most western media still spreading Ukraine propaganda the bill is getting much to high for most of NATO...

The main motor behind BRICS growing high speed is insane western foreign policy....

DJ-So I think the "NATO-west" soon may see divisions....biden-cult may push for escalation...maybe supported by UK conservatives and German "greens"...but lots of NATO countries by now would like to have soom "positive perspective" on Ukraine....Spending over a billion €/$ per day on the Ukraine war has to deliver more than war-industry share holders getting rich...

[url][/url] or 

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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1. NATO has been beaten.....

[url][/url] or ;

U.S. Admits Defeat In War On Russia And China

Confronted with the realities of life the Biden administration has in the last days acknowledged defeat in two on its most egregious and delusional foreign policy games.

The Ukrainian counter-offensive has failed. Its army is getting slaughtered on the battlefield. The 'counteroffensive' of the 'NATO trained' Ukrainian brigades has made no real progress on any front. The high level of losses of men and material make it impossible that it will ever again regain the initiative.

The U.S. aim was to integrate the Ukraine into NATO. It would then have been able to station U.S. troops in Ukraine and to put its weapons into reach of Moscow so that any independent Russian move could be countered with a threat of imminent annihilation.

After more than 20 years of pursuing that aim the U.S. threw the towel:

President Biden on Saturday said he won’t make it easier for Ukraine to join NATO, adding that the country at war with Russia has to meet the requirements to be a member.

“They got to meet the same standards. So, I’m not going to make it easier,” Biden told reporters. “I think they’ve done everything relating to demonstrating the ability to coordinate militarily, but there’s a whole issue of is their system secure? Is it noncorrupt? Does it meet all the standards … every other nation in NATO does.”

And yes, that is a change. A big one:

Biden has reportedly previously expressed that he is open to removing the Member Action Plan hurdle for Ukraine to join NATO, which requires countries that want to join the alliance make reforms militarily and democratically.

Still, it is not enough:

Biden has not said anything new. Biden senses that the US lost the proxy war but he must not and cannot admit it. So, in the absence of a time machine, which could have taken him all the way back to 1999 when the NATO’s expansion began unfolding, Biden simply walked back to the default position of the 2008 NATO Summit at Bucharest welcoming Ukraine into the alliance via the MAP route — as if that moment fifteen years ago is now the past and cannot be pulled back to the present. Russia is not going to accept it. 

Though packaged in nice words the European Union gave Ukraine a similar negative outlook (machine translation):

An EU report on Ukraine's membership bid states that Kiev has so far met two of the seven conditions required to start formal EU accession negotiations.
"There is progress. The report will be moderately positive. This is not about embellishing reality, but about recognizing progress, for example, there are well-known anti-corruption cases. In particular, in the case of the head of the Supreme Court Knyazev," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
“In terms of reforms, the glass would be half full, we would never take a negative tone towards Ukraine at the moment. Judicial reforms have made some progress, although there are still key ones that need to be carried out. Not everything is satisfactory.”

The much hyped counter-offensive has indeed become a death trap for the U.S. EU and NATO.

The other U.S. defeat was acknowledged by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at the end of his trip to Bejing:

The United States will not support Taiwan breaking away from China, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said, amid a series of confusing statements by Joe Biden on the issue.

'We do not support Taiwan independence,' America's top diplomat said in Beijing after meeting with Chinese president Xi Jingping.

This was more than a verbal change in Blinken's pronouncements:

The US State Department has updated its fact sheet on Taiwan again to reinstate a line about not supporting formal independence for the Chinese-claimed, democratically governed island.
“We oppose any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side; we do not support Taiwan independence; and we expect cross-Strait differences to be resolved by peaceful means,” according to the document, referring to the strait separating the island from the Asian mainland.

Last month, the State Department changed its website on Taiwan, removing wording both on not supporting Taiwan independence and on acknowledging Beijing’s position that Taiwan is part of China, which angered Beijing.

Blinken's change of heart came after an extremely short meeting with President Xi which had followed a series of lectures by other high ranking Chinese officials:

Wang gave a comprehensive explanation of the historical logic and inevitable trend of China's development and rejuvenation, and elaborated on the distinctive features of Chinese modernization and the rich substance of China's whole-process people's democracy.

He urged the U.S. side not to project onto China the assumption that a strong country is bound to seek hegemony and not to misjudge China with the beaten path of traditional Western powers. "This is key to whether the United States can truly return to an objective and rational policy toward China."

Wang demanded that the United States stop playing up the so-called "China threat", lift illegal unilateral sanctions against China, stop suppressing China's scientific and technological advances, and do not wantonly interfere in China's internal affairs.

He stressed that safeguarding national unity has always been the core of China's core interests. It is where the future of the Chinese nation lies and the abiding historical mission of the CPC.

On the Taiwan question, China has no room for compromise or concession, Wang said.

The Chinese language readout of the Blinken-Wang meetings is reportedly even more scornful than its English translation.

The next step for China is to stop the provocative 'innocent passage' drive-bys by U.S. military ships and airplanes in the Taiwan Straits. To do that it simply has to apply the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea:

Article 38
Right of transit passage

1. In straits referred to in article 37, all ships and aircraft enjoy the right of transit passage, which shall not be impeded; except that, if the strait is formed by an island of a State bordering the strait and its mainland, transit passage shall not apply if there exists seaward of the island a route through the high seas or through an exclusive economic zone of similar convenience with respect to navigational and hydrographical characteristics.

A view on a map shows that this evidently applies to the strait between mainland China and the Chinese island named Taiwan.

(So the US has to follow the Pacific route not get in between China and Taiwan-part of China-following law of the sea...)

If the U.S. really has a One China policy it will have to accept that the Strait is off limits.

This double whammy of defeat in its wars on Russia and China will take some time to stick.

In the Ukraine conflict there are still dreams of creating some kind of stalemate, of implementing some kind of a Korean cease-fire demarcation line on the 38th parallel:

U.S. officials are planning for the growing possibility that the Russia-Ukraine war will turn into a frozen conflict that lasts many years — perhaps decades — and joins the ranks of similar lengthy face-offs in the Korean peninsula, South Asia and beyond.

The options discussed within the Biden administration for a long-term “freeze” include where to set potential lines that Ukraine and Russia would agree not to cross, but which would not have to be official borders. The discussions — while provisional — have taken place across various U.S. agencies and in the White House.

Russia wont have any of that. It will thoroughly defeat the Ukrainian army. It will retake the parts of Ukraine which for centuries had been Russian before the communists assigned those administratively to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The rest of a then neutral Ukraine, cut off from the sea and the mineral riches of the east, will be handed over to the underling that Russia is willing to accept.

The double defeat in its wars against the 'rest of the world' marks the end of the Wolfowitz doctrine:

The doctrine announces the U.S.'s status as the world's only remaining superpower following the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War and proclaims its main objective to be retaining that status.
Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.

The end of 'unilateral moment' is there for anyone to see.

The Republicans will of course loudly blame Biden for this even though they are just as guilty of overreach as the other side of the isle. Biden may wall have to sacrifice Blinken as the pawn guilty of losing the game.

Anyway, neither will help him to get reelected.

It is, by the way, not just a coincident that Israel, on the same day of the U.S. admission of defeat, got whacked by fighters of the Palestinian resistance. This another of those U.S. sponsored global problems that China is eager to solve.

2. De-dollar-ization just started;

[url][/url] or 

How US Sanctions on Russia Fueled De-Dollarization 

Economists Michael Hudson and Radhika Desai explain how US sanctions on Russia have facilitated the end of US dollar hegemony. 

DJ, a "global currency" is linked to global exploitation. The UK-pound was dominant because the UK had a large colonial empire...

The 2008 financial crisis was an Atlantic financial crisis. EU-UK-and US banks were interlinked...After 2008 EU banks did take some distance from high risk casino US banksters...

One of my (DJ) questions is how fast the US$ can drop ? 

One could claim of all the US$ in the world only 5% of it would be needed for the US home market....In 2000 over 70% of global trade was in US$ -in 2020 it may have been still 58%...

With BRICS/BRIICSS+ becoming a better alternative-room for lots of currencies-de-dollar-ization may go high speed...

So far US wars were protecting the US-petro-$...the US now faces NATO not able any longer to "protect/enforce" western (pseudo-colonial) global dominance...

DJ-The Moon-of-Alabama claims one should not only blame biden c.s. for the US downfall...I do NOT agree with that view !

The US should have gone for diplomacy not confrontationism...When biden became US president there were "problems" but bad politics turned those problems into this very major crisis...

-So no nuclear war ? 

[url][/url] or 

Finance Minister Smotrich urges ‘broad operation’ in West Bank; Egypt accuses Israel of inflaming violence, raising regional tensions; Palestinians threaten unprecedented response.

Senior coalition lawmakers called for a major military operation in the West Bank town of Jenin Monday after heavy clashes between IDF forces and local gunmen left four Palestinians dead and seven soldiers injured by a powerful roadside bomb.

Dozens more Palestinians were injured.

DJ, can NATO find new ways to accept a multi-polar world reality ? Or will it fall back to trying to enforce US/NATO dominance ? 

BRIICSS+ may offer a place for "the west"..."Korea", Japan, France could be interested...others may follow...

A major problem will be NATO has to "take some steps";

-less military investments

-accepting global trade in different currencies (US$, € can be part of that financial system)

-diplomacy, international laws rule...not NATO interventions...

The NATO west may even limit its economic damage-less military spending, cheap Asian energy/trade can soften loss of incomes from neo-colonial trade...

DJ-In theory there could be a way practice it has to show...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Military Summary/MS [url][/url] or "Ukraine/NATO" losses still very high. My view-very likely over 1,000 pro-Kiev fighters killed, dozen(s) of tanks destroyed. Long range Russian (air)strikes destroy Ukraine/NATO storage & supplies. 

[url][/url] or  (HT)

(Former) US fighters pulling back (?) from positions in Ukraine. DJ-One question has to be how many NATO/western soldiers are fighting for Ukraine/NATO ? 

A few months ago video's showed lots of dead Polish soldiers (Polish emblems on the uniform) on a frontline. The picture/impression I did get (a.o. based on MoA) Poland may have seen over 1,000 Polish "volunteers" already killed in Ukraine... (Based on NL news several Dutch volunteers also did die fighting for Kiev-NOT stopped by NL government. In NL law fighting for a foreign government is losing NL what rules are used here ? Do western governments "look the other way" when "volunteers" from their countries fight in Ukraine ? )

The HT video's seem to show a unit made up from US may be mercenaries/volunteers. If they still remain citizens of the US it may go against international law-unless the US did send those forces ...

Yesterday I linked to [url][/url] or . Some of the US elite may start to understand US/NATO has put itself in an impossible position...

Problem is UK, Poland, others may have their own agenda. NATO may already be split even more than the US on how to move further...Some scenario's;

-Some may still believe "NATO can win" push for even further escalation. "NATO boots on the ground"...very likely NATO soldiers already are fighting in Ukraine...but not as "NATO soldiers"...the modern western weapons so far did not make much difference. 

Sending in F35's instead of F16 fighter jets, maximum escalation scenario, may only increase the price NATO has to pay. It most likely will only worsen the outcome...

-France is showing interest in the coming BRICS meeting in South Africa. Türkiye may even think of joining BRICS+...NATO/west may be close to breaking point on how to go on further...

-Again, both Ukraine and the US have very serious political crises...The UK may not be doing much better...Poland is very divided. Germany present government is running out of public support...Very likely crises in (pro)NATO countries may escalate...

-NATO countries also face high inflation, supplies/energy problems are increasing. "Switching to war economy" needs both finance and supplies make such a move possible...MSM propaganda may be able to still get some public support for this (insane) war...My view-the pro-NATO west may be able to continue this war for some months...NOT years...

So the choice NATO faces is accept another defeat -this time a very major one-changing the global "order"...or "give it another try" but with what ? 

Diplomacy may be testing the water-see how oppertunities are...China, India made very clear they do NOT support in any way US/NATO agression any longer...BRIICSS+ may be able to "stop the west" in many ways...

So-will the US...biden...go "nuclear"? Will zelensky/others blow up nuclear facilities in Ukraine, go for dirty bombs ? 

The point is rationality is gone...In wars often lots of people die in the last days of a war..."to get a better position" for fighting parties...

The "wise" thing to do is talk...but wisdom does not play a role in this conflict. biden hates Russia...blames Putin for is based on insanity...

From that perspective; Yes the NATO west has already lost it conflict with BRICS...but it did not lose hard enough...

[url][/url] or 

There is a growing risk the NATO-BRICS conflict may "move its wars" to the Middle East...

The US must be very unhappy with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, moving into BRIICSS+...the outcome of the US coup against Imran Khan in Pakistan did not bring the change the US wanted... Iran getting hypersonic weapons, modern Russian fighters, India, China investments also does not fit in with the US agenda...

So recent US steps;

-increasing its military in Syria, Iraq (against any international law...but NATO does not care...)

-Very likely more military aid to Israel

-Kurds in Syria/Iraq now partners of Ukraine (IS already did send fighters to Ukraine...IS in many ways is a US/Israel ally...[url][/url] or Uganda is involved in the African peace initiative for Ukraine...)

The outcome could be more endless wars...Sudan just one of the "new US made wars"...An exchange from "unwinnable war" to "winable wars" in Africa and Asia...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, Modi-India visited the US [url][/url] or US-India war industry trade is growing...

Another major point for India can be positioning itself as a major global power. I would not be surprised if Modi talked with biden on India becoming a UN Security Council permanent member (maybe the US may try to push France out of that UNSC ?) 

India is-and will remain-a long term ally of Russia...but its relations with both Pakistan and China are "not good" maybe the idea Modi could  have the US may be of help here...India-Iran have become "partners"...

[url][/url] or Blinken managed to get into "some contact" with China...biden did more than undo any progress Blinken may have made...

[url][/url] or The Duran...

Biden blows up China rapprochement, calls Xi Jinping a dictator

DJ...biden "has a mental problem" -maybe Modi did "take bidens hand" knew how to deal with a demented US president...

One of the "biden clan" goals is "four more years" of biden....If 1% of the US voters would vote for biden that is would be even shocking....

[url][/url] or ;

Chinese Premier Li Qiang stressed on Thursday that China is ready to work with France to advance balanced development of bilateral trade, expand two-way market access, and optimize business environment in a bid to push "bilateral practical cooperation" to a new level while meeting with French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne during the last stop of his ongoing first overseas visit since taking office.

Li also called on France to continue playing a positive role in facilitating Europe to form a more objective, rational perception and policy toward China, so as to make win-win cooperation between the two economies the main theme.

Analysts said on Thursday that Li's visit to France will consolidate the good momentum of China and France relations built based on the consensus reached by the two heads of state following French President's visit to China in April, serve to dispel misunderstandings of China in Europe amid "de-risking" rhetoric and avoid the potential widening of conflicts between China and Europe veering into confrontation. The trip will also help promote deeper engagement and cooperation between China and France, and China and Europe in industries, sci-tech, aerospace, corporate and other practical sectors.

DJ, If Macron/France has any serious interest in BRIICSS+ Macron has to "provide evidence" peace efforts to end the "biden war" in Ukraine...

Modi did meet zelensky recently - told this cocaine addict to go for peace...

If anything the global support for NATO wars is only decreasing.....

[url][/url] or ;

Turkey, Syria and Iran have agreed with the concept of a road map submitted by Russia to normalize relations between Ankara and Damascus, Russia’s special presidential envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentyev told Sputnik on June 22.

Work on the roadmap draft began after a meeting between the foreign ministers of Russia, Turkiye, Syria and Iran that was held in Moscow on May 10. Deputy foreign ministers of the four countries met in Astana on June 20 to discuss the draft.

DJ, the increase of Israel violence is related to Russia, Iran, "taking over" the Middle East North Africa-MENA region...Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran joining BRICS/SCO etc. 

For Israel it is "now or never"  to "show red lines" -DJ very likely with lots of talks with Russia, Egypt on how Israel has to deal with a new situation...The US only can play a "limited role" for Israel security....

-Ukraine...some within NATO may still push for escalation...The Ukraine-NATO army is destroyed again...Rheinmetall-German Leopard-2 tank builder may not be very happy with Russia blowing up its "superior tanks"...bad for sales....Also US, UK, France "modern weapons" fail in Ukraine...

So the "war industry" -promoter of NATO- may become less happy on profits perspectives...(maybe investments in big pharma -producing lots of profits- even if products do NOT work... may be more interesting...). 

Greed is the main driver behind NATO "push" for liberating Russian oil and gas...bring "democrazy" to Chinese, Indian factories....

It would be very welcome if Modi was able to "get at least some sense" in the biden-cult ruining the west....


DJ-I am shocked by the totality of western insanity towards Russia and China...If you would have told me in 2020 we would be this close to global war with Russia, China, Iran I would not have believed it...

Both western "politics and media" FAIL !!!! 

[url][/url] or Sahra Wagenknecht/Die Linke-Germany is one of the few western politicians still talking sense....

In the US Kennedy Jr. may be of interest (???)...In the UK the "push" for a "uni-party" resulted in bojo getting kicked out....[url][/url] or The Duran on the break down of UK "politics"...

Redacted [url][/url] or on NATO support for terrorism...against BRICS. 

Again...western "democracy" has fallen in the hands of big investors going for max profits -and willing to push for global war....If "politics" fail to correct that we WILL see W.W.3....

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, "interesting developments" in the Russia-NATO/Ukraine war....

[url][/url] or ;

MOSCOW, June 24. /TASS/. A criminal case over charges of organization of armed mutiny was initiated against Wagner PMC founder Yevgeny Prigozhin after his Telegram channel published his claims that the Russian Defense Ministry hit PMC units with airstrikes and his calls for supporters to rise against the national government.

The Defense Ministry debunked claims of airstrikes at Wagner PMC units. Kremlin Spokesman stated that President Vladimir Putin was informed about the situation regarding Prigozhin, adding that all necessary measures are being taken.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) press office said that the criminal was initiated due to the seriousness of the situation and the threat of escalation in Russia; it also called on PMC fighters not to comply with Prigozhin’s orders and to detain him.

DJ, Prigozhin will be arrested-may even report himself to "limit damage" view...The "Vagner PMC group" in many ways IS part of the Russian army. Lots of fighters have army background. Maybe a few might be willing to "fight Putin"...most are very pro-Russia...

[url][/url] or DJ...may not be very realistic....

VERY, VERY CURIOUSLY. . .  A NUMBER OF B52s were launched from US earlier today and air refueling tankers are now on the border of Ukraine.

If it goes down, they will penetrate Ukraine airspace to refuel the B52s    -    and would likely be shot down by Russia upon entering Ukraine air space.

The Duran [url][/url] or discussing further neo-con/NATO escalation;

-Goal of sending in (old) F16's could be to push Russia attacking NATO airbases (so article 5 could be used...)

-Romania air bases most likely;

    -So Moldova would get involved in the fight...

    -Crimea is closer to Romania than to Poland

[url][/url] or Military Summary/MS

-Russia may be preparing for an offensive in the Charkov region

-Also special helicopter forces could be used for an attack on Odessa

DJ-I wonder if Russia has that many military organized. Both Charkov and Odessa population over 1 million. 

[url][/url] or ;

ISW also writes:

Russian forces appear to have executed their formal tactical defensive doctrine in response to the Ukrainian attacks ...

Well, what did the ISW 'experts' expect? That the Russians would use their manuals as toilet paper and run away when the turkey shooting begins?

In their utter stupidity the neoconservatives probably really believed that.

The assessments made did not acknowledge the dubious quality of freshly stood up Ukrainian forces. They did not acknowledge the changes and growth in the military structures on the Russian side. They failed to recognize the quality of the Russian fortifications and military capabilities and the deep roots of their doctrine.

The results are the consequence of ignoring reality, of seeing what one wants to see.

The politics of this war demanded that the 'western' side wins. NATO military was biased towards that. Instead of telling the politicians what a realistic outcome would be it delivered hopeful assessments that defied reality.

In consequence the Ukrainian military suffered many unnecessary casualties and lost the initiative.

Let's hope that at least some folks will learn from this.

DJ, my view....[url][/url] or june 22 1941 Germany(Austria as part of Germany), Hungary, Romania, Finland a.o. started their attack on the Soviet Union. The basic nazi-idea was "Russians are drunk farmers"....

NATO is repeating the same mistakes all over....(nazi's and NATO have the same evil war-industry roots)...

In many ways NATO may be in a phase Germany and its allies were in 1943-45....Germany "did fight" a "total war" till may '45...

DJ-One of the secrets is the many  (indirect) contacts there were between the allies and Germany....The secret/hidden war went from the Arctic to Iran...with some excursions to even the South Pole...

Is it "likely" the "west" did give Germany "intel" on the Soviet Union ? In many ways both the "west" and Germany hated both stalin and communism...On the other hand Germany did "work" with the Soviet Union till june 22 1941...even recieving grain from Ukraine by train that morning....(If I am getting it right the Germans a.o. waited for the grain-train to get inside their lines before starting the attack...) Germany may have had more info on the Soviet Union than the "west" had...


[url][/url] or ;

Because Ukraine and NATO are using this plant to store NATO High-tech weaponry such as HIMARS, ATACMS and the like.   Ukraine and NATO are also using this plant as an Intelligence Headquarters, in which all NATO Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and targeting coordinate info is shared with Ukraine.

If Russia hits this place, most of the high-tech weaponry gets wiped out, and so does the Intelligence sharing center.

So NATO is changing its rules about invoking Article 5, so that if (when) Russia hits this weapons depot, and all that NATO hardware goes up in multiple, giant, explosions (possibly also causing the nuke plant itself to start leaking) then NATO can claim a "radiation incident" and send in the troops.  (Story on Article 5 change HERE)

DJ, Russia did destroy several NATO command-bunkers in Ukraine killing hundreds of NATO military staff. NATO now moving a command post to a nuclear power plant would make sense....


[url][/url] or ;

A Newsweek report from June fueled concerns that not all of the Western weapons intended for Ukraine had arrived at their destination. An Israeli defense official told the magazine that Israel had “seen signs” that the weapons in question, including American-made Javelin anti-tank guided missiles, were being smuggled from Ukraine to Iran.

Still, several other reports from earlier this month talked about a possible supply of Israeli Spike anti-tank guided missiles and Merkava main battle tanks to Ukraine via Poland. However, there is no proof that these weapons were transferred to Kiev forces or could be transferred soon.

Netanyahu’s remarks indicate that Israel understands the consequences that could result from providing lethal military support to Ukraine. Russia could restrict Israeli aerial operations and arm its enemies in the Middle East.


[url][/url] or ;

An IDF drone Wednesday struck a vehicle carrying 3 Palestinian terrorists from an attack on a military post near Jenin. All three were killed. The operation was in line with the introduction for the first time in 17 years of aerial operations for targeted assassinations in the northern West Bank. The mew policy was approved by PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to meet the proliferating Palestinian use of firearms and bombs for lethal attacks – some of them across the security border into northern Israel. The most violent are traced to the currently lawless northern Palestinian towns of Jenin and Nablus. The three terrorists eliminated on Wednesday came from Jenin and tried to shoot up the IDF checkpoint at Jalameh.

On Monday, two gunmen armed with M-16 automatic rifles murdered 4 Israelis outside Eli, the day after heavy explosives and roadside bombs blew up an IDF arrest raid in Jenin, injuring 7 troops.

The Shin Bet said that 300 of the 375 significant Palestinian attacks aborted up to June this year unprecdentally entailed gunfire.

DJ using proxies gives countries a chance to deny they are at war. In modern warfare lots of countries use "armed groups" to do the dirty work...sometimes at the same time countries may be also have "good diplomacy"....


[url][/url] or may be "on top of news" from Russia...

DJ-My view; [url][/url] or ;

MOSCOW, June 24. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin will deliver an address shortly, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS.

"Indeed, Putin will deliver an address shortly," he said in response to a question.

I think the "Prigozhin news" is a smokescreen...Since NATO seems to be preparing a major escalation Russia may go for "prevention"...

Last weeks Military Summary mentioned Ukraine taking forces from the border with Belarus. Maybe Poland did give guarantees on the Ukraine-Belarus border security...(If Russia would use Belarus for an attack Poland would move in). 

----------- bad is "the situation"? Pretty bad....Some NATO countries may have been planning a "major escalation". Russia (and allies) may have made some "counter moves" both in Ukraine and Syria...[url][/url] or Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani is in Pakistan to discuss ways on improving bilateral cooperation in various military fields.

DJ-again my view/speculation; NATO by now could be very divided over how to move on....A Chinese bussiness delegation is visiting Germany...The EU NEEDS Asia trade...even Russian energy....US/UK (and Israel ?) still may push for escalation...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Since western "media" has become most propaganda;

[url][/url] or ;

Putin orders neutralization of Wagner rebellion organizers
By XinhuaPublished: Jun 24, 2023 03:35 PM





The Russian Armed Forces have received the necessary order to neutralize those who organized the armed rebellion of the Wagner private military group, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an address to the nation on Saturday.

[url][/url] or ;

Russia has declared an "anti-terrorist operation regime" in Moscow and the Moscow region after mutiny by the chief of the Wagner mercenary group which President Vladimir Putin called a "stab in the back" of the country. 

In an emergency televised address to the nation on Saturday, Putin said the "armed mutiny" was treason, pledging that anyone who had taken up arms against the Russian military would be punished.

"This is a stab in a back to our country, to our nation," Putin said. "What we have been faced with is exactly betrayal. Extravagant ambitions and personal interests led to treason." 

His remarks came after Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin said he was inside the army headquarters in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don and controlled military sites there.

Putin said, "All those who consciously stood on the path of betrayal, who prepared an armed rebellion, stood on the path of blackmail and terrorist methods, will suffer inevitable punishment, before the law and before our people."

In a statement, Russia’s national anti-terrorist committee said an anti-terror operation regime has been introduced “with the aim of preventing possible terrorist acts on the territory of the city of Moscow and the Moscow region”.

Russia also declared an anti-terrorist operation in the southern Voronezh region, where some reports said Wagner mercenaries were headed.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the measure was "aimed at strengthening security."

He said there was "additional control" on roads and that the capital's mass events may be limited.

Moscow's transport department said there could be delays in bus routes from the capital to "southern directions."

Prigozhin launched the most audacious challenge to President Putin since the start of the offensive in Ukraine last year after accusing the Russian top brass of launching strikes against his men.

Putin described efforts by the Wagner military group to unseat the country's top brass as a "deadly threat" to Russia and urged the country to unite.

"Any internal turmoil is a deadly threat to our statehood and to us as a nation. This is a blow to Russia and to our people," he said, adding: "This battle, when the fate of our people is being decided, requires the unification of all forces and unity."

The FSB security service accused Prigozhin of attempting to launch a "civil conflict" and urged Wagner fighters to detain him.

Russia's defense ministry appealed to Wagner fighters to "show reason" and abandon Prigozhin, saying it would "guarantee the safety" of those who did so.

and [url][/url] or ;

Evgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group private military company, has been accused by the government of staging an armed insurrection.

The charges were brought late Friday night after Prigozhin accused Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and General Valery Gerasimov, the chair of the Russian general staff, of serious crimes.

Prigozhin claimed to have ordered troops loyal to him to move towards Rostov-on-Don, a major city in southern Russia. Security measures were also reportedly beefed up in Moscow.

DJ, Unclear what is happening....non-western media also reporting on "Russia unrest"....

[url][/url] or 

the coming hours may provide more info...

Military Summary/MS (from Belarus) [url][/url] or ;

Military Coup Or Planned Action? Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.06.24

DJ from minute 16; Putin may now have an excuse to go for martial law and mobilization of 5 million soldiers.....

Ukraine Reporter

Just in: Prigozhin's channels release video, claiming rocket strikes on Wagner PMC camps. Reports of numerous casualties. Eyewitnesses suggest the attack came from the rear, implicating Russian military forces.


An obvious fake video for a fake claim. Lost of trash, some impact in woods, no cas, two small camp fires, only one possibly dead person from who knows when cut in at the back.

DJ, The NATO-west would love to believe Russia is facing an uprising by Wagner...I do not trust the claims of this Wagner uprising...I think Russia is playing a game....

[url][/url] or 

and [url][/url] or 

DJ-Just like NATO most likely will be divided also inside Russia there may be different views. Putin is very "moderate"...even Medvedev went much more hard line...A very likely outcome of this "(fake) Wagner uprising" may be Russia (and other...) going much more hard line...

[url][/url] or The Duran....

DJ-This may be a "critical phase" in the conflict...[url][/url] or 

I will write a new post later on if more info is available...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, lots of claims on the situation in Russia. 

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan emphasized in his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Turkey is ready to contribute to solving the newly emerging situation in Russia ▪️Erdogan, as pointed out by the office of the Turkish leader, mentioned that no one should benefit from the events in Russia.

It looks like a mix of talks and military action may need to get the -limited- wagner units under control...

Hadi Nasrallah

It’s hilarious how Wagner group turned from a “genocidal militia committing war crimes” to an “anti-corruption rebellion group” in the western media. If NATO had the chance, they will arm Wagner and call them freedom fighters.


Yes, and the same people *also* claiming Wagner was brutally crushed by the Ukrainian army are now seriously convinced it has the power to destroy Russia's domestic security/intelligence/military apparatus.


#BreakingNews: Wagner leader #Prighozin rebellion is over quicker than expected.

So...[url][/url] or ;

  • 24 June 2023

    17:32 GMT

    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has held negotiations with the leader of the mutinous Russian PMC Wagner Group, Evgeny Prigozhin, and found an “absolutely beneficial and acceptable” way to end the crisis. The development was announced by Lukashenko’s press service, with the breakthrough reached after tense “day-long” talks.

    The negotiations were conducted after speaking with and in coordination with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the press service noted. Prigozhin has accepted the offer to “stop advancements” of the PMC’s companies across Russia, it added.

We have to see how things work out...Prigozhin may have hoped there would be any support for his mutiny inside Russia...There is NO support, neither inside Russia or from any of Russian allies....

Prigozhin has the choice between surrender or death...very likely he will surrender soon...

[url][/url] or ;

Belarusian president Lukashenko held talks with Prigozhin today. Lukashenko says that Prigozhin has agreed to "stop the movement of armed persons on the territory of Russia and to take further steps to deescalate"

DJ, Lukashenko/Belarus talking with Prigozhin on how to get out of this crisis...

#Wagner paramilitary group’s flag hoisted in Tel Aviv Today, Wagner's paramilitary group which has long been the focus of the Kremlin's opponents, and whose flag was hoisted in Tel Aviv, revealed its betrayal of the Russian army. #Russia

Russia may rethink its relations with Israel.....

We are sure that everything will work out: German journalist Alina Lipp spoke with Wagner's fighters in Rostov None of the Wagnerians want to go against Putin. The soldiers hope for early negotiations with the Ministry of Defense. Military PMC "Wagner" in Rostov-on-Don told the journalist about this. As Oleg Pakholkov has already said, a difficult situation has arisen for Wagner's commanders: they are all patriots of Russia, they have served for the good of the country for many decades. Here are their families, here they received awards - not for serving certain people, but for serving the motherland. Prigozhin led the army to the wrong place, but the heroes believe that the situation will be resolved soon and they will be able to communicate peacefully with the Russian Ministry of Defense

DJ, Prigozhin may even have lost support of most Wagner fighters....

[url][/url] or ;

Prigozhin stated that Wagner units turn their forces around and return to their ‘field camps’.

The announcement came as a Wagner convoy moved closer to Moscow Region (according to Prigozhin – 200km to the city). In a statement on June 23, Prigozhin declared that he was moving on Moscow to confront Russian military officials he labeled corrupt.

Nonetheless, Prigozhin’s actions and rebellion attempt garnered no support from the Russian population and establishment. Russian President Vladimir Putin described the situation as “backstabbing our country and our people,” while Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) opened a criminal investigation into Prigozhin for “calling for an armed rebellion.”

Senior Russian political and military figures called on Wagner fighters to de-escalate the situation and lay down their arms. Considering the news about the accepted agreement, it seems this is happening right now.

Meanwhile, reports appeared that forces of the Kyiv regime are launching a new large-scale attack on the Russian military as part of the so-called ‘counter-offensive’. Intense fighting continue on key parts of the frontline. Zaporozhye Region and South Donetsk region remain the main hot points.

The situation is developing.

So Ukraine/NATO may try to use the oppertunity...very likely did NOT know of Prigozhins plans....

Weeb Union [url][/url] or "It is over"....

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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From [url][/url] or at the end;

This analysis is NOT mine, it comes from a guy in Europe whom I respect.  I think you'll like it:

From recent events I can conclude following:

Wagner mutiny was very likely staged operation. Fallout of ostensible rebelion provided cover for fast military movement with numerous air defense units and thousands of troops reaching western borders of Russia practically unnoticed as everyone was focused on Prigozhin's insurgency. Without mutiny pretext such massive movement would be seen, and mainly linked, directly to Ukraine very quickly.

If I consider that Russia already did some serious preparatons to protect its capital, with roads blocked and checkpoints rised, I think Russia is about to blow heavy strike on Kiev and its forces (if not even further) and all this protective measures, ostensibly related to mutiny, were done actually as protective measures if NATO will decide to intervene.

If my conclusions are correct then such blow will come in next hours or days. was it a trick, an act ?

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, Weeb Union called yesterdays events in Russia a "fake uprising"...[url][/url] or ;

Russian Spring | Lukashenka Saved Russia. The West Revealed All Plans. Military Summary 2023.06.24

MS also wonders if this was some kind of show event...

-Wagner trucks moving north to Moscow in between civilian traffic

-"helicopters and truck explosion" fake ? (same explosion-video used (by who ?) for two different positions...

-Highest estimate number of Wagner forces "on the move" was 50,000 -most of them may not have known for what goal...

-Lukashenko/Belarus in contact with Prigozhin most of the time

-Putin "trying to avoid bloodshed between Russians"...

DJ-The "uprising" also came at the same time NATO major drills ended....

[url][/url] or Alex Christoforou/AC believes these events may bring more support for Ukraine by NATO in its Vilnius summit july 12...DJ-NON SENSE !!! 

MS mentioned Russia moved its forces -under cover of dealing with a wagner uprising- north of Charkov...Also more Russian forces near Rostov-on-Don east of Ukraine...

DJ-my view- Putin c.s. showed his KGB background and put up a show....To mislead "the west" Putin used Russian media...The west was surprised by the "uprising" not involved...It took hours before "Belarus opposition" claimed they would start moving onto Minsk...

So will Putin go for a "state of war" in Russia, mobilize millions of military ? 

[url][/url] or ;

On Prigozhin's Insurrection Farce

Some thoughts on the ongoing insurrection attempt in Russia.

I wonder who or what lured Yevgeny Prigozhin into staging this farce.

In twelve or so hours things are likely to have calmed down.

'Western' anal-cysts will spend weeks fantasizing about their wished for outcome which, of course, was never to happen.

DJ, confusion of the west was one of the goals....

Again Russia may have decided to go for a more agressive strategy...given up hope there was a chance for making any deals with NATO...

[url][/url] or ;

Chinese Premier Li Qiang wrapped up his visit to Germany and France, his first overseas visit since taking position, and returned to Beijing on Saturday. During his trip, Li stressed that China will continue to open up and improve its business environment, and called on China and Europe to rise above differences, demonstrating the importance China attaches to the European market in an era of heightening geopolitical tensions.

Chinese experts said the Premier's visit to Europe, which included bilateral as well as multilateral engagements, has achieved positive results in confirming the importance of strengthening economic ties with Germany and France - the two major European countries - amid the "de-risking" rhetoric and have dispelled, to a certain extent, misunderstanding over the matter.

and [url][/url] or Lena Petrova-US$ as economic weapon is declining...

In Ukraine fighting did NOT stop....The NATO-BRIICSS+ conflict now has NATO confused even more....

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, The west is wondering where Prygozhin went....Of course asking the wrong questions may be part of the problematic western strategy...

[url][/url] or Putin/Russia had to find a way to get Prygozhin "out of the way" while keeping (most of) Wagner fighters on his side...So Prygozhin overplaying his position was "the best possible" way to get that goal...

[url][/url] or New Atlas/NA discussing also how Ukraine is running out of military means to continu its war...NA expected Ukraine to "get more land" at the price of lots of lives....So far the "Ukraine offensive" may have resulted in massive loss of lives, tanks, fighter jets...further demilitarization of Ukraine/NATO.

[url][/url] or Weeb Union/WU and

[url][/url] or Military Summary/MS mention Russia may have started its own offensive...

DJ-Dealing with Prygozhin (at the end of NATO major drills in western Europe) may have been part of the plan...WU mentions Ukraine/NATO now may face all of the Belarus/Russia border (DJ and Black Sea coast) as frontline...further overstretching Ukraine forces...

The Duran [url][/url] or ;

Obsessed with the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant view; There is a real major nuclear risk in the NATO expansion war in Ukraine...It may get very ugly very fast....

[url][/url] or ;

Written by Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant

As well known, the Kiev regime has been carrying out irresponsible attacks against the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) since last year. Russian officials, independent journalists and ordinary citizens have repeatedly reported the Ukrainian strikes, with strong suspicions that the regime deliberately wants to provoke a nuclear leakage in the region. However, Kiev now seriously accuses Russia of planning such a crime, which sounds like a coordinated operation to delude public opinion.

On his social media, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed to have received an intelligence report exposing that Moscow is planning a “terrorist attack” on the ZNPP. The objective would be to destroy the plant and cause a radioactive leak, thus affecting the lives of thousands of civilians. On the occasion, the Ukrainian president also resumed the unfounded accusations that Russia was responsible for the incident at the Novaya Kakhovka dam, in addition to saying that the whole world is being warned in advance about what will possibly happen in ZNPP. He called on Kiev’s international partners to “act” in order to prevent such a tragedy.

DJ, Western media -owned by the war industry- did claim "Russia was shelling itself" in the ZNPP....Western media are part of the "frontline" 

NATO is running out of options for "helping Ukraine" (in destroying itself). So a major incident, blowing up a major dam, shooting down a passenger plane and "Putin did it" insanity may be the main part of "western strategy".....

DJ-I am NOT neutral-see myself as "left wing" and I am getting more and more angry with European "Left wing" parties now supporting NATO .....The main reason why the "Left" is losing elections is because that "Left" is doing all the right wing policies....There was opposition against US invasion of Iraq in 2003...Now "the Left" is fooling themselves "NATO is defending democracy".....Is "the Left" taken over by young people without ANY !!! knowledge of history ? 

Here in NL both "SP" and Animal Rights Party "claim" Ukraine "has a right" to join NATO....Ignoring the 2014 coup, ignoring the extreme right wing ruining Ukraine...(not all are nazi's....ultra-nationalists in Ukraine may become a growing problem for NATO. zelensky is running out of support inside Ukraine...). In Germany "Die Linke/The Left" protest against the war and the destruction of the German economy via sanctions...

I miss the voices of Trade Unions so many countries Trade Unions have links with "social democratic parties" (SDP in Germany)....How you fight inflation if you do not fight ineffective sanctions ???

Renewable energy is increasing but unable to replace the amount of fossil fuels we imported from what now is the BRIICSS+ bloc....Less cars, less flying, very welcome...but not enough ! We are moving into a very major economic crash in the coming winter in the NATO-west....


Did the Prygozhin-problem "damage" Russia ? It was controlled within a was a problem that developed over months...If Russia is able to "end" Ukraine in august, september I think Russia may even end up stronger in BRIICSS+....Türkiye, Brazil, Pakistan did face more dangerous coups...

[url][/url] or ;

The Saudi investment ministry on Monday announced that a modern "Silk Road" will be opened between China and Arab countries to help Saudi Arabia diversify its economy and improve the skills of its youth at the 10th Arab-China Business Conference.

The two-day event, which opened in the Saudi capital of Riyadh on Sunday, is the largest in scale since its inception in 2005, with over 3,000 participants joining this year.

The first day of the conference witnessed the signing of more than 30 groundbreaking agreements valued at over 70 billion yuan (about 9.8 billion U.S. dollars), illustrating the immense potential of economic and investment cooperation between China and Arab countries.

The economic and trade cooperation between China and Arab countries is highly complementary.

Judging from the results of this conference, the economic and trade cooperation between the two sides has extended from traditional oil and gas energy to the fields of science and technology, renewable energy, minerals, supply chains, tourism, and healthcare.

DJ, Saudi Arabia may be the target of the next US/NATO regime change operation....

-If it fails it only underlines NATO is "the enemy of the world"...

-If it succeeds BRICS may go for "a more agressive" strategy...what non-NATO country will be the next target ? 

On the other hand China is very active in "make trade not war" ...inviting US bussiness people, visiting EU countries...

NATO countries have to evaluate...what did confrontation policies (biden) bring so far...The NATO west by now is much weaker in many ways than it was in 2020...US$ share of global trade is dropping high speed...

[url][/url] or ;

On July 4, at a New Delhi summit, Iran will finally become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

That will be one of the key decisions of the summit, held via video-conference, along with the signing of a memorandum on the path by Belarus to also become a member state.

In parallel, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk has confirmed that Iran and the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) should sign a free trade agreement (FTA) by the end of 2023.

The FTA will expand an interim deal that already lowers customs duties on hundreds of categories of goods.

Russia and Iran – two key poles of Eurasia integration – have been getting closer and closer geoeconomically since the west’s sanctions tsunami that followed Russia’s February 2022 Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine.

The EAEU – as much as the SCO and BRICS – is on a roll: FTAs are expected to be clinched, from middle to long term, with Egypt, India, Indonesia, and the UAE.

Overchuck admits negotiations may be “very difficult” and “take years,” considering “the interests of all five EAEU member states, their businesses, and their consumers.” Yet despite the obvious complexities, this high-speed rail geoeconomic train has already left the station.

This way for a SWIFT exit

In a parallel track, the members of the Asian Clearing Union (ACU), during a recent summit in Iran, decided to launch a new cross-border financial messaging system this month as a rival to the western-centric SWIFT.

The ACU comprises the Central Banks of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Iran: a healthy mix of West Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

DJ, From Trade Unions to major companies (Volkswagen, BASF, Airbus) the EU economic future is in Asia....if EU politicians keep ignoring this it is time for other EU politicians....

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, The NATO expansion war in Ukraine-just another NATO crime-and climate, pandemic all share the same problem; western "leaders" deny the real problem and live in phantasyland...

[url][/url] or ; Judge Napolitano/Douglas McGregor on the Prigozhin "uprising"...

Russian Rebellion & the Ukraine War w/Col Doug Macgregor

in short; Does Putin have to go for time or should he finish NATO now ? 

[url][/url] or 

[url][/url] or 

This is what NATO "leaders" call "success"....totally disgusting....NATO is spending trillions on insane wars...from stealing oil in Syria and Iraq to "regime change in Moscow"....

[url][/url] or

Monday's Pandemic Update Weekly Walgreens Update Is In

DJ..."politics" made their profits in big pharma...."so" the pandemic for now "is over"...profits now via wars...

[url][/url] or ;

Extreme heat stress

High Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is forecast to hit the Southeastern United States over the next few days. The image below shows a forecast for June 29, 2023, 18 UTC with WBGT as high as 34°C (93°F) forecast for a location near Jackson, Mississippi, of WBGT up to 34°C (93°F). 


As temperatures and humidity levels keep rising, there comes a point where the wind factor no longer matters, in the sense that wind can no longer provide cooling.

Once the wet-bulb temperature reaches 35°C, one can no longer lose heat by perspiration, even in strong wind, but instead one will start gaining heat from the air beyond a wet-bulb temperature of 35°C.

The 'Misery Index' is the perceived air temperature as a combination of wind chill and heat index (which combines air temperature and relative humidity, in shaded areas).

The image below shows high readings on the Misery Index for parts of Pakistan, the 'feels like' temperature at On June 22, 2023, an air temperature of 45.4°C (113.7°F) and a relative humidity of 25% resulted in 'feels like' temperatures as high as 51°C (123.7°F) at the area marked by the green circle. 

DJ, Spain dealing with another heatwave, 44C/110F....will show up in excess deaths...[url][/url] or ;

The wet-bulb temperature (WBT) is the temperature read by a thermometer covered in water-soaked (water at ambient temperature) cloth (a wet-bulb thermometer) over which air is passed.[1] At 100% relative humidity, the wet-bulb temperature is equal to the air temperature (dry-bulb temperature); at lower humidity the wet-bulb temperature is lower than dry-bulb temperature because of evaporative cooling.

The wet-bulb temperature is defined as the temperature of a parcel of air cooled to saturation (100% relative humidity) by the evaporation of water into it, with the latent heat supplied by the parcel.[2] A wet-bulb thermometer indicates a temperature close to the true (thermodynamic) wet-bulb temperature. The wet-bulb temperature is the lowest temperature that can be reached under current ambient conditions by the evaporation of water only.

Even heat-adapted people cannot carry out normal outdoor activities past a wet-bulb temperature of 32 °C (90 °F), equivalent to a heat index of 55 °C (130 °F). The theoretical limit to human survival for more than a few hours in the shade, even with unlimited water, is a wet-bulb temperature of 35 °C (95 °F) – equivalent to a heat index of 70 °C (160 °F).[3]


A sustained wet-bulb temperature exceeding 35 °C (95 °F) is likely to be fatal even to fit and healthy people, unclothed in the shade next to a fan; at this temperature human bodies switch from shedding heat to the environment, to gaining heat from it.[9] In practice, such ideal conditions for humans to cool themselves will not always exist – hence the high fatality levels in the 2003 European and 2010 Russian heat waves, which saw wet-bulb temperatures no greater than 28 °C.[10]

A 2015 study concluded that depending on the extent of future global warming, parts of the world could become uninhabitable due to deadly wet-bulb temperatures.[11] A 2020 study reported cases where a 35 °C (95 °F) wet-bulb temperature had already occurred, albeit too briefly and in too small a locality to cause fatalities.[10]

DJ Proteins break down when gets disrupted....


Ma Dashuai

US general: We will prevent China's reunification at all cost, even if that decision is devastating for the Chinese people in the form of blood.

So how fed up is the world with the NATO-western elite ? 

[url][/url] or ;

The Dutch economy contracted by 0.3% in the first quarter of this year, not the 0.7% stated by national statistics agency CBS in its early estimate.

Better than expected export figures and new information about industrial investments led to the revised figure, the CBS said on Friday.

However, there was less positive news on jobs. There were 49,000 new jobs in the first three months of this year when compared with December 2022, and that is down 14,000 on the earlier forecast.

A contraction in the second quarter would mean the Netherlands had entered a slight recession, as has happened in Germany. Nevertheless, economists say that this is unlikely to be the case.

DJ, NL is very flexible...we still produce a lot of things, import/export a lot...maybe partners may change...Germany gets part of it replacement imports via Dutch "Germany sanctioning Russia" may see Russian energy imported from India via NL....but US-LNG (high costs) in part also go via NL...

[url][/url] or ;

Figures from the Statistical Review of World Energy, an annual report published by the Energy Institute (EI), have confirmed that there was a major rise in Iranian crude oil output in 2022 despite the continued pressure of US sanctions on the Iranian petroleum sector.

The report published on Monday showed that Iran’s oil output, including production of crude oil, condensate and NGL, rose by 4.6% last year compared to 2021 to reach an average of 3.822 million barrels per day (bpd).

Figures in the report showed that Iran’s combined production of crude oil and condensate, which is a very light form of oil, rose by 129,000 bpd or 4.1% in 2022 from figures reported in the year before.

Iran’s output of natural gas liquids (NGL) also rose by an average of 40,000 bpd or 8.5% from 2021 to reach 509,000 bpd last year, said the report.

It said that fuel production in Iranian refineries rose by 2.2% year on year in 2022 to 2.397 million bpd while oil refining capacity in the country rose 2.3% to 2.67 million bpd over the same period.

Natural gas production in Iran reached 259.4 billion cubic meters last year, up 1.1% from 2021, showed EI figures.

DJ, Iran increasing trade with Asia...

[url][/url] or ;

French President Emmanuel Macron again made a public call for building an autonomous Europe in a persistent attempt to shake off Europe's shackles and prove that it is not the vassal of any superpower. 

His remarks were widely viewed as being constructive for pushing forward a more multipolar world and bringing more global stability.

Macron made the remarks in a wide-ranging interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria that was  released on Sunday, in which he also noted that a global agenda is impossible without US-China cooperation. "We need cooperation, especially between China and the US," Macron told CNN. At the global level, the top priority is to address existing crises and combat inequality, poverty and climate change, according to the French leader.

He also stressed his hope of building a good relationship and promoting cooperation with China.

DJ, Modi visited the US. biden hoped India would end good relations-since 1945-with the US could use India against Russia, Iran, China...all three major partners (in BRICS, SCO etc) for India...

A totally insane biden now is willing to "provide India with all it asks for" in the crazy idea the US can use India...simply failing to understand India might be using the US....

All together the main question is-will BRICS deal with NATO high speed or slowly....

[url][/url] or 

The former Indian ambassador M.K. Bhadrakumar agrees:

Blinken has piled up a consistent record for being horribly wrong on his assessments on Russia — starting from the deathly blow the ‘sanctions from hell’ were expected to give to the Russian economy; Putin’s hold on power; Russia’s catastrophic defeat in Ukraine; Russian military’s deficiencies; Kiev’s inexorable military victory, and so on.

In this case, he has reason to feel embittered particularly because of the spectacular unity of the Russian state, political elite, media, regional and federal bureaucracy, and the military and security establishment in rallying behind Putin. Arguably, Putin’s political stature is now unchallengeable and unassailable in Russia and the Americans have to live with that reality long after Joe Biden’s departure from the scene.

Today Prigozhin again tried to justify his 'march for justice' as he calls it and again repeats the evidence free claim of the attack on his group. He also claims that his operation demonstrated the problems in the Russian military and the quality of Wagner.

But in fact there was at no moment any danger for Russia. The Russian airforce could have destroyed the Wagner convoys on their way to Moscow at a few minutes notice. His troops in Rostov-on-Don were surrounded by the Chechen troops of Ramzan Kadyrov who had rushed to the city and were prepared to fight Wagner down.

I don't think that there is a chance that Prigozhin will ever have a come back. He is finished and he has only himself to blame for it.

DJ-Some claim "western intel knew of prigozhin plans"...simply very unlikely....By now it is getting even more clear "the west" has lost contact with reality...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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DJ, Several developments-just trying to understand some basics...

sources (a.o.);

[url][/url] or Military Summery/MS

[url][/url] or Alex Christoforou/AC

[url][/url] or MoA

-Kramatorsk (?) 

zelensky/NATO claiming Russia used two S-300 to attack a pizza restaurant in Kramatorsk-killing 10 civilians...[url][/url] or  and [url][/url] or what missile hit what target ? My view; Russia used an Iskander missile against a NATO gathering in Kramatorsk. Ukraine used S-300's to stop the Russian missile...very likely also an air-launched UK storm shadow missile was involved...

Lots of indications some (ex) NATO militaries got killed/wounded...

🇺🇦 An ordinary "tourist" with a chevron of the US anti-aircraft troops watches his compatriots being pulled out from the rubble in Kramatorsk

DJ, NATO military "tourists" now evacuated to German hospitals via NATO military transports ?????

-Belarus (?)

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia: The deployment of Russian Wagner units in Belarus makes the situation in the region even more volatile.

MS claiming (min 29) Duda/etc from Poland visiting Kiev may be linked to Poland/Baltics planning to send in military to western Ukraine end of july...If Poland would move into Ukraine Wagner forces would stop/fight them from Belarus...

DJ-It would further increase risks for a war between Belarus/Russia and Poland/Baltics...NATO may still claim "it is not a party"....


Olaf Scholz said that Prigozhin's rebellion was a complete surprise for German intelligence - DPA “The actions of the private army came as a surprise to the German Federal Intelligence Service,” said the German Chancellor. Scholz noted that the German intelligence agencies were "of course not aware of this" . He added that the events that had taken place would soon be discussed among Western politicians.

DJ, Western "intel" totally missed the Prigozhin plan "to protest". MoA makes the point Russia did not know Wagners had Pantsir Air Defense...Wagners did shoot down Russian planes ? 

NYT/other western war-industry owned "media" claim "Russian general knew of Prigozhin plan" based on NATO intel that itself did not know of these plans....

Another point on Prigozhin...still not clear if it is a form of 4D chess or did Prigozhin "run wild" and survive it ? (My view is Prigozhin may be used to confuse the west...)


Middle East North Africa (MENA)

[url][/url] or DJ-Moderate terrorists backed by NATO try to stop Turkish-Syrian talks...

[url][/url] or ;

Two new military centers are under construction south of Damascus by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and Hizballah, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. They are designed to consolidate their access to Lebanon and the Golan. Satellite and Western intelligence have recorded the new projects. Acting for Iran, the Imam Hussein Brigades, an Iraqi militia assigned by the IRGC to the Damascus region, began in mid-June building a string of bases in the Khan al-Shih district. Twenty kilometers away, Hizballah has been constructing on the large tract of land it occupies another network of military facilities south of the Syrian air force’s Mezzeh Military Airport.

All this construction work is designed to bring Iran’;s military and its proxies closer to the Israeli border, the Golan and Lebanon.
The Iraqi militia is focusing its effort on new military staff headquarters and hangars for storing weapons and ammo not far from its own bases at Sayyidah Zaynab, where Iran has established its main command center in Syria.

DJ, from Israeli (extremist) view most Arabs are "Iran proxies"....

[url][/url] or

Nine years in power, Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, 68, a former army chief himself, is facing a challenge from disaffected officers. It is led by the armed forces’ Chief of staff, Lt.-Gen. Osama Askar, who is defying the president’s order of dismissal and hanging on to office. Sources in Cairo read the situation as signifying an attempted military coup against the president.

Gen. Askar was last seen at an officers’ graduation ceremony taking place on June 22 at the Nasser military academy, alongside Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Zaki. Reports that a number of high-ranking officers were plotting to unseat the president appear to have led up to Askar’s dismissal. The British weekly The Economist recently revealed that El-Sisi and the Egyptian high command are deeply at odds and the president has taken to frequently reshuffling the generals because he does not trust any of them.

DJ, Al-Sisi so far was backed by Saudi Saudi Arabia is going BRICS-followed by Egypt-can al Sisi still "do the job"? 


DJ-One of my major questions is will there be a BRIICSS+-"NATO" military cooperation...China, Russia pay a lot of attention to Cuba. Iran visiting Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua...South Africa, Iran had drills with the Russian/Chinese navies...

The NATO-BRIICSS+ conflict seems to be getting does China further prepare for "large scale war"? 

[url][/url] or ;

So what really happened after The Longest Day?

Hefty CIA funds may have changed hands. But in the end the “coup” could turn out to be the Greatest Russian Trolling of the West Ever.

The Mother of All Maskirovkas

Once again, facts on the ground prove Putin is the undisputed champion of Russia. After keeping a strategic silence for a few hours, his intervention gathered full support from the civilian population, the FSB, the Chechens, the Army, the Communists, everyone.

The exact terms of the deal between Luka and Prighozin, with help from the governor of the Tula region, Alexey Dyumin, are still unclear.

Prighozin said he was satisfied with the terms. Peskov confirmed on the record that a criminal case against Prigozhin would be dropped. A key Prighozin demand was the twin resignation of Defense Minister Shoigu and Chief of Staff Gerasimov. That may – or may not – happen in the immediate future.

And that brings us to the still fascinating possibility this was the Mother of All Maskirovkas. Prigozhin sets up all this circus just to get a meeting in Moscow with Shoigu and Gerasimov.

Talk about an overkill just to go out on a date.

The Mother of All Maskirovkas scenario also implies a move worthy of 5D chess.

On Saturday, Wagner was 200 km away from Moscow.

Yet on Sunday, Wagner was 100 km away from Kiev.

Next level Sun Tzu Art of War, anyone?

reminds me of [url][/url] or ;

Matryoshka dolls (/ˌmætriˈɒʃkə/ MAT-ree-OSH-kə; Russian: матрёшкаIPA: [mɐˈtrʲɵʂkə] (listen)), also known as stacking dollsnesting dollsRussian tea dolls, or Russian dolls,[1] are a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. The name matryoshka, mainly known as "little matron", is a diminutive form of Matryosha (Матрёша), in turn a diminutive of the Russian female first name Matryona (Матрёна).[2]

DJ, Putin c.s. have KGB background so misleading enemies is part of their training....

[url][/url] or ;

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed on Tuesday that he is set to visit China next month, and according to Chinese analysts on Wednesday, Israel will seek to enhance bilateral ties with China in the regional power rebalancing process at a time when countries in the Middle East have increasingly engaged in a "wave of reconciliation" since China brokered a rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran in March. It will also serve as a reminder to the US that Israel has other diplomatic options than Washington, experts noted. 

DJ, Israel NEEDS to trade with Asia/BRIICSS+....China may find a way to end the Middle East conflict...the US/NATO exploited that conflict (a sort of new crusade...). 

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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[url][/url] or Military Summary,

DJ-Basic point, Ukraine may go "all out" before the NATO top in Vilinius july 11....this may go as far as claiming a nuclear accident happened at launching nuclear waste via himars in that direction...

[url][/url] or Western propaganda claimed Russia did attack a pizzeria...still Ukraine arrested a "traitor"....very likely a meeting of Ukraine and NATO staff was hit....The meetingplace may have used the restaurant as "human shield"...

DJ-Western "news" is part of the war machine...reminding me of nazi-lies in W.W. 2...Just like the nazi's NATO will destroy itself by attacking Russia/BRIICSS+....

The Duran [url][/url] or in short;

-US trying to pull out of Ukraine war...(Vietnam most in words)

-Poland, Baltics may go for unilateral "promisses" to Ukraine

-Ukraine will NOT join NATO or EU in the short term...

-zelensky ending up in an impossible position

-For the US China is the main "problem" ...not Russia

My view; zelensky may understand the US/biden only used Ukraine-like it uses the Kurds-for US goals...zelensky may become more unpredictable...The EU also has very major political problems....spending hundreds of billions on an insane war with going for conflict with main trade partner China ? 

The 3rd China-Africa Economic & Trade Expo kicked off in Changsha, Hunan Province ystd with 1,500 exhibitors from 29 countries, the largest economic & trade cooperation platform under the framework of FOCAC. China has been Africa's largest trading partner for 14 years in a row.


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