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Fuel & Misc. Items To Have On Hand

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Topic: Fuel & Misc. Items To Have On Hand
Posted By: SusanT
Subject: Fuel & Misc. Items To Have On Hand
Date Posted: February 11 2009 at 7:37pm
Sorry if I am duplicating anything, but I thought of some other basic essentials:

* Firewood (firestarters)
* Gas (or at least get the gas cans NOW)
* Matches or lighters
* Candles
* Emergency lighting (flash lights, lanterns, solar lights, etc.)
* Camping stove & fuel
* Sleeping bags and Mylar type emergency blankets
* Batteries
* Charcoal
* Water purifier (or coffee filters and plain bleach)
* Blow up swimming pool for rain collection
* Hand-crank radio

Posted By: Penham
Date Posted: February 12 2009 at 7:41am
Weather radio AC/DC ( a must for our area, we live in tornado alley)
Battery operated tv AC/DC (ours is really small)
Power Inverter (connect it to a car battery and you can power a small appliance)
Car battery (to power the inverter with)
Water barrels

Posted By: Evergreen
Date Posted: January 03 2013 at 10:06am
I would suggest that you get the gas additive for your gas cans. The gasoline will keep its potency. Some say it can go like that for 5 years. Also, if money allows, I suggest a standby generator. It is hardwired into the house electrical box and to the gas line. Power goes out, 10 seconds later, standby generator kicks in. Runs the whole house and is very quiet. Pricy but very, very good peace of mind. D

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