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INET 3 - Communication after the Grid Goes Down

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Topic: INET 3 - Communication after the Grid Goes Down
Posted By: Guests
Subject: INET 3 - Communication after the Grid Goes Down
Date Posted: June 08 2009 at 1:38am
I have over a considerable time decided to post this thread despite the sensitive nature of it.

Two years ago a White Paper was sent to the Intelligence Committee from our organization on the design and implementation of a communication system which is an alternative to those now in place and also what is in place by .gov should there be a communication blackout.

The name of of this is INet3. Currently we can communicate with hops from near Bluefield- West Virginia to London. It is based on compression of ham radio into a format not intended for traditional usage and will transmit broadcast by using "hops" large distances. Our current application to FCC limits us to 50 miles, per hop, but eventually can be extended with demonstrations.

This com can be put into place in less than 20-40 minutes and has a battery life of 2 hours in our current battery systems with hummers or other alternate vehicles. We are using as little as a 6 foot antenna which can literally be hung in a tree and carried in the trunk of a car and integrating a laptop software - can send 15 minute burst communication which is highly compressed and may then be decompressed and broadcast or even distributed by hand mimeograph to local communities. You might call this the poor man's radio PBS during a serious pandemic.

It operates within legal government permit and regulation, and yet will transmit civilian messages and data when all cell phones and other devices are dead.

Using a flash drive- and I was going to save this until the book publiciation- your computer can be configured not only to act as a receiver but transmitter.

The transmit stations are mobile and there are multiple backups of persons who can provide nodes.

This means when your computer flickers and dies- laptops will still have some remaining power. The system is submitting for patent and has other uses. We have been developing it for two years.

I have discussed the coding with Albert - at least approached him to make AFT in a very brief sense portable to this network. It is his call to pursue this. But AFT will be the ONLY network of this type out there for information except for .gov and perhaps loosly organized Ham operators. The challenge is power and we have alternate confidential technology which will make this operational.

There is already an INet 3 operational in Europe. It is different than what we have but hopefully we can integrate.

A citizens communication networkwill be vital in a natiional Pandemic.

We are working on it and hope to have it in place before the this one goes down.


Posted By: edprof
Date Posted: December 21 2016 at 8:25pm
Looking forward to hearing more about this communication system as things develop.  I am a ham with Technician and General Licenses.

Oftentimes the Lord helps those who help themselves.

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