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Terrorists, Are you Prepared? What would you do?

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Topic: Terrorists, Are you Prepared? What would you do?
Posted By: Annie
Subject: Terrorists, Are you Prepared? What would you do?
Date Posted: April 15 2011 at 9:18am

Terrorists, Are you Prepared?  Stern%20Smile

What would you do if your state, city, or neighborhood was suddenly attacked? -  

FBI investigates suspicious photos at Rock Hill shop
From Staff Reports - The Herald    ROCK HILL -- 

The FBI was called to investigate suspicious activity after photographs were developed at a Rock Hill Walgreens of someone holding an AK47 and the Koran.

Around 2 p.m. Tuesday, an employee called Rock Hill Police to alert authorities about pictures that a 36-year-old St. Louis man was having developed at the Celanese Road store. The pictures showed the man with the assault weapon and Koran in front of buildings in a couple of different major cities within the United States, according to a Rock Hill police report.  There also were photos of Muslim foreign lands.

Police asked the man to look at the photos, and he agreed. He told officers the pictures from foreign lands were from a book, although he didn't know the book's name, the report states.

The photos of himself and the Koran were at a friend's house in the "country somewhere." He told police he was in Rock Hill visiting friends for a few days.

An FBI agent responded to the scene to conduct his own investigation.Walgreens provided CD copies of the photos and surveillance video from the store.  An arrest was not made.

Dense populations are going to be hit very hard by this pestiferousness little (flu virus) monster. "Technologist"
Stock 3 months water, food, weapon/ammo, meds, supplies, and some money at home.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: May 09 2011 at 5:24pm
Going to take handgun lessons for my 45 ACP! Going to practice, practice, practice.

Posted By: MelodyAtHome
Date Posted: June 28 2011 at 9:35pm
Originally posted by FluMom FluMom wrote:

Going to take handgun lessons for my 45 ACP! Going to practice, practice, practice.
When we lived on our 10 acres in Ohio we got to practice shooting in our backyard but now here in Florida we have to go to a range. But practice is very important. I understand during a "real" situation your hand will be shaking and you have to know how to shoot without "freaking out"...that will be the difficult situation. what if a "gang" of people break into our windows. I think of differen scenerios. It is scarey. We want to get. It is scarey because having kids to worry about . If it was just us I wouldn't be as scared. They practice with dad shooting at the range too...the older they get the better I feel.

Emergency Preparedness 911

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