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'Source' Strategy not Reliant upon Vaccines

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Topic: 'Source' Strategy not Reliant upon Vaccines
Posted By: bettysenior
Subject: 'Source' Strategy not Reliant upon Vaccines
Date Posted: May 08 2013 at 10:18am

Respectfully get the real picture if you care for your loved ones.


Governments around the world have got it all wrong when it comes to the eventual emergence of the human-to-human mass killer avian flu. This is why only a Source' Strategy will ever defeat the human-to-human mass killer when it eventually emerges around the world. It is the environment that birds are reared, sold and slaughtered in is the reason why a 'Source' Strategy is the only strategy that can stop the eventual human-to-human killer emerging. How many more times does the world need prompting before it is too late.


For the only way to stop this mass killer and we will state it again, is to address it at 'source' for this is the only way to stop this human-to-human killer virus. Why does the world contend that a vaccine will come in time? Because Big Pharma says it will. This is the biggest lie of all time and where because governments are like sheep and accept this premise, 100s of millions will die this next time around. Margaret Chan has said many times that it is only a matter of time not when. The only strategy that has worked and stopped the killer virus in its tracks in 1997 was -


When will the world wake up and see that only by addressing the virus at its 'source' will we stop several hundred million dying - The ‘prevention is better than cure' strategy and not the ‘let it happen and then we will try to cure it’ strategy, like the mindset we have presently. We have to turn that thinking around and use the same strategy as was used in Hong Kong in 1997 and kill the virus in its tracks.


Are we so dumb to believe Big Pharma and that a vaccine will come in time. Apparently we are and where the time horizons for the Spanish Flu that took up to 100 million lives and the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic response where a vaccine came four months after in time that the Spanish Flu did its worst. Indeed only after 7 months 1 week from the first human-to-human death was the vaccine actually authorized by the US authorities and where after 6 months the 1918 killer pandemic had killed most. Logic and intelligence says that a vaccine will come too late so let’s start adopting the only strategy that stopped it in its tracks. The reason why this has not been adopted is because there are not the tens of billions in drug sales. Who says that big Pharma is only interested in profits and not the human race - I do for one. Indeed Nature Magazine published an article at the same time that the 'Source' strategy was being outlined to the world in 2008 in Thailand and killed it off -

The only strategy that has worked and stopped the killer virus in its tracks was outlined in 2008 -

,when Nature Magazine killed it off. They did this for their paymasters the global pharmaceutical industry and therefore despatched 100s of millions to their deaths eventually and where it has to be said that their holding company has its roots in the Nazi era. Therefore this company has learnt nothing from the Holocaust and where this time they will destroy over six times the people the Nazi regime killed over the whole period of WW2.


When it comes as it will according to Margaret Chan D-G of the WHO, it will completely decimate the world economy (it will make the global financial meltdown look like a storm in a teacup) and the big pharmaceutical companies in its wake. That is the irony of this dreaded killer that will be the greatest in the history of the world by far.


Dr. David Hill

World Innovation Foundation


Ps. If you want the back-up information and the historical statistics that prove that the above is the case and a vaccine will always come far too late to save that vast majority (95%+), let us know.

Posted By: debbiencusa
Date Posted: May 11 2013 at 4:09pm
Do us all a favor and print exactly what you are talking about.
Talking about vaccines in 1918 is not relevant since they did not have the technology they did not have anti biotics or even pmonia sp shots either. 
in my opinion all virus have some parts of their composition that are genetically the same, make a vaccine that stops the virus in its tracks at this point,  the body rejects the virus like a foriegn body.

God Bless

Posted By: debbiencusa
Date Posted: May 11 2013 at 5:00pm
Dr. David i went to your site where even your so called members have no clue what the site is about. Some stfate they allowed you permission to republish their writings but the majority not having a clue to what your agenda is, just leave or are not a part of it. For what it is worth, that is not much, my perception is that you are saying the entire enviroment needs to be cleaned up in order to prevent the emergence of disease.
My question to you is, do you mean to advocate for the literal cleaning of the enviroment for animal species aka a green advocate. Or are you saying you advocate for a cleansing of the enviroment of anything and evrerything that threatens it, including people. Are you a elitist that finds that goal a noble one, or are you a voice crying out trying to warn humankind? Which is it?

God Bless

Posted By: onefluover
Date Posted: October 03 2014 at 7:28am
Originally posted by namal namal wrote:

<span style="line-height: 16.7999992370605px; : rgb43, 43, 43;">go to youtube they have all sorts of how to instructions. i learned how to take free objects and make a excellent water filter.  items needed two liter soda bottle, jack knife, three sizes of stones large, medium, small, charcoal cut into smaller pieces, about four scoops of sand, and grass or if you have it use cloth. Replace or clean cloth after each use, replace grass if that is used. Replace charcoal once a week.</span><div style="line-height: 16.7999992370605px; : rgb43, 43, 43;"> <div style="line-height: 16.7999992370605px; : rgb43, 43, 43;">All soda containers are made of food grade plastic. Bakerys will gladly give you big covered buckets they used to store or get in frostings. They have handles for easy carrying, food grade and free.

Welcome aboard Namal to Avian Flu Talk. The water is excellent here. But only because of members such as yourself. Very good post and hope to see you back with more.

"And then there were none."

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