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Hundreds of Illegals From Ebola-Ridden Congo Dumpe

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Topic: Hundreds of Illegals From Ebola-Ridden Congo Dumpe
Posted By: Guests
Subject: Hundreds of Illegals From Ebola-Ridden Congo Dumpe
Date Posted: June 09 2019 at 12:39pm
Hundreds of Illegals From Ebola-Ridden Congo Dumped in Texas, 350 More on The Way

Ok guys this is not good. Any more info on this? Could we be in trouble?

Posted By: Dutch Josh
Date Posted: June 10 2019 at 1:06am" rel="nofollow - (DJ-To answer your question-with over 50.000 people homeless in L.A. out of any medical service-you have a very big problem" rel="nofollow - Over 50% of the US people is living from paycheck to paycheck-getting ill is putting them in an impossible position. The US not having a decent healthcare system (and Trumps remarks on the NHS in the UK) is "insane". Any decent country knows that you have to have basic housing, healthcare, education and a state is responsible for that. There is something very wrong when the US seems to be unable to see the need for such basics !)

DJ-There is a transport of people around the globe under control of criminals wich may bring ebola-and other virusses, etc. to other regions. Also illegal trade in meat, organs, animals etc. can be a major vector.

There have been reports of refugees from central America that were forced to transport drugs into the US or get shot/killed.

Also using ebola as a bio-weapon is possible.

There are claims that the West Africa ebola outbreak could be related to US bio-weapon testing, the present-more dangerous-Congo outbreak related to China bio-weapon testing. (In both cases some claim the idea could be to get rid of people and take over the land/resources." rel="nofollow - )

(" rel="nofollow - claims climate change/nuclear war is planned to get rid of billions of people with only an elite surviving. DJ-In my idea both nuclear war and climate change will make this planet unlivable for all life.

In history there have been many mass-genocides." rel="nofollow - When people claim AIDS, ebola or other illnesses are "made" for genicide they need proof. The massive Spanish Flu pandemic from 1917-1923 (killing possibly 5% of the global population) may have become worsened by early vaccination attemps gone wrong. Also in present health crises ways of dealing with it may worsen the situation.)

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein

Posted By: Dutch Josh
Date Posted: June 11 2019 at 10:46pm
DJ-Some more info on this story;" rel="nofollow - Mexico-drugs cartels do have a global network." rel="nofollow - There is a growing drugs market in (most English speaking Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania) East Africa." rel="nofollow - Allthough most illegal immigration on the US-Mexico border involves Mexicans-non Mexicans most also come from Latin America." rel="nofollow - and" rel="nofollow - this year seems to bring a sharp increase of African refugees on the US border.

DJ-With Mexican drugscartels making billions in their "industry and trade" these "groups" may have their own labourmarket. From "production-slaves" to bussinesspeople mixing legal and illegal trade.

When governments fail to "care" for their state you get room for criminals taking over the jobs governments do not do. From housing, jobs, travel..

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein

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