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Vitamin D dosage

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Topic: Vitamin D dosage
Posted By: ozarkcountryboy
Subject: Vitamin D dosage
Date Posted: February 09 2020 at 5:16am
I have a bad cold. How much vitamin D should I take?

Posted By: Technophobe
Date Posted: February 09 2020 at 5:30am
Most western people hover on the lip of a D deficency. Avoiding the sun (skin cancer) and fatty food (heart disease) combine to make our D totals rather low. So, 1,000iu That is the official maximum dose.

Assuming you do not have kidney problems (made worse by an overdose) or gout - especially if you take probenacid - you can get slightly over that without any problems*. So it you take a multivatimin and a D on the top you should be fine. Especially if you shun the sun and avoid all fatty food,

If you regularily take a multivitamin, walks in the fresh air and let your mushrooms get a suntan before eating them, you probably won't need to. Then 500iu should be sufficient.

The amount of D needed to actually poison you is HUGE but anything over 1000iu is a waste.

*Too much D can give you gout or kidney stones. Probenacid, slows down the loss of chemicals (yes vitamins are chemicals too) from the body.


Posted By: ozarkcountryboy
Date Posted: February 09 2020 at 7:27am
This is what I have.

Posted By: Technophobe
Date Posted: February 09 2020 at 8:21am
Wow! Those are strong! They would be illegal here - seriously!

1/10 of a tablet would be enough for people with kidney problems or you could just take 1 a week. 1/4 for most people. If you have been taking those you do not have a problem.

If they are hard to cut up, you could take 1/2 every other day.

Don't worry if that is too much of a trial. Unless you have kidnney problems, they are still not strong enough to hurt you.


Posted By: Technophobe
Date Posted: February 09 2020 at 8:26am
How much vitamin D should I take if I'm deficient?
For adults with vitamin D levels below 30 ng/mL, the Endocrine Society guidelines recommend a daily intake of 1,500–2,000 IU to restore healthy levels of vitamin D. There are also treatment options where people with vitamin D deficiency receive 50,000 IU weekly or monthly instead of taking a daily dose.20 Jun 2018 Source: Google (that is 50 X my recommendation - so you can't overdose on those!)


Posted By: ozarkcountryboy
Date Posted: February 09 2020 at 2:24pm
Thanks to all.
I've heard to take 3000 when you have a cold to get over it quicker.

Posted By: Technophobe
Date Posted: February 09 2020 at 3:47pm
I know enough is necessary, I don't know if more is better.

I do know that you need a mix of C, D and zinc to get a full immune response. Normally extra C can be a strain on the body, but when sick upping that can help. Without zinc C does not work but zinc has to have copper with it or it can unballance your circulatory system.

3000iu of D would be considered toxic in the EU, but they have some really wacky ideas about minerals and vitamins. The Mayo Clinic tells us that 60,000iu over several months is toxic. So, 3000iu should be fine.


Posted By: Darian
Date Posted: February 12 2020 at 9:22pm
My MD has me take 10,000 IU of D3 daily during the winter, 400-500 IU during the warmer months. It keeps my D levels in the 30-75 range he feels is ideal. My last blood work up showed my levels at 90. He said that was good and not of concern but that to save money I could cut back to warm weather levels in March instead of April or May but I won’t this year until HOPEFULLY the Coronavirus threat has lessened. Then I’ll get my D from sun.

He also has me take D3 that is already precombined with K2. He told me that is how the negative side effects from D occur...when people don’t take it with K. The K keeps calcification from forming in the body due to the D.

Side note: before I supplemented with D, my level was at an extremely dangerous 5.

Now I am rarely sick. I have only had 2 colds since 2011, and both were when I was under great emotional duress after my granddaughter died.

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