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Diamond princess 44 more

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Topic: Diamond princess 44 more
Posted By: Loribearme
Subject: Diamond princess 44 more
Date Posted: February 13 2020 at 7:33am -

Posted By: Newbie1A
Date Posted: February 13 2020 at 6:05pm
Ok, this article is aimed at the Canadians on board but... this caught my eye.

"The 12 Canadians who contracted the virus on board the ship have been moved to Japanese health facilities, and at least three require hospitalization, Champagne said."
So 1/4 of the Canadians need hospitalization - it doesn't specify if ICU or how serious but that's still kind of telling to me.

[URL= ][/URL] -

If it's to be - it's up to me!

Posted By: carbon20
Date Posted: February 13 2020 at 9:29pm
I think it's disgusting that the Japanese are keeping these

people on this ship when they could move them all to a facility

on land, it's OK if you on the upper deck and have access to the

fresh air, but imagine been in a cabin below for 14 ++ days....

12 Monkeys...............
1995 ‧ Science fiction film/Thriller ‧ 2h 11m a must for AFT

Posted By: cobber
Date Posted: February 14 2020 at 4:47am
The Japs don't want the cases added to their tally.

Posted By: Newbie1A
Date Posted: February 14 2020 at 6:42am
Originally posted by cobber cobber wrote:

The Japs don't want the cases added to their tally.

It's all so ridiculous, take each countries count and add them to 'home count' - Canada supposedly has 7 on land and 12 'at sea' so we have 19...
Count all as 'non-territorial' or "international waters'
or 'whatever'...just take care of the passengers!

Posted By: EdwinSm,
Date Posted: February 14 2020 at 7:33am
Originally posted by Newbie1A Newbie1A wrote:

Count all as 'non-territorial' or "international waters'
or 'whatever'...just take care of the passengers!

The first part is how WHO handles the statistics.

For the second part, I don't see the governments of the people affect offering to fly them home for treatment.   "To He$$ with out citizens. Just blame Japan." OK at least one government has sent a medical team to help the Japanese (I am a bit rushed for time to search for the details, and I can't remember which responsible government it was).

Posted By: Newbie1A
Date Posted: February 14 2020 at 11:55pm
"A McGill University expert on viruses is warning that the decision to quarantine passengers aboard the Diamond Princess — including a Montreal couple — has probably backfired, and is recommending that those Canadians returning home should likely be quarantined again."

ya think?!?! I wish ppl would stop saying 14 days and make it 30!!!

%20 -

Posted By: Newbie1A
Date Posted: February 15 2020 at 12:16am
Oh, it looks like the Americans will be going home. Now lets see what other countries do for their citizens!

%20 -

Posted By: EdwinSm,
Date Posted: February 15 2020 at 1:49am
I am getting "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." from the links.

But - The BBC has a similar news report

Originally posted by BBC BBC wrote:

The US plans to evacuate Americans from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the site of the biggest coronavirus outbreak outside China, officials say......

Hundreds of Americans are among those stuck, and at least 24 have been diagnosed with the virus.

But in a letter, the US embassy in Tokyo said healthy American citizens on board would be screened for symptoms before being able to board the plane home on Sunday.

The aircraft is due to fly to Travis Air Force Base in California where some passengers will stay in quarantine for a further 14 days.

The prospect of more time in isolation seemed to dismay some on board.

"We would like to just finish the quarantine on the ship as planned, decompress in a non-quarantine environment in Japan for a few days, then fly back to the US pursuant to our own arrangements. What's wrong with that?" tweeted passenger Matthew Smith.

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