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Why china can control the coronavirus.

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Printed Date: April 17 2021 at 7:31pm

Topic: Why china can control the coronavirus.
Posted By: jagular
Subject: Why china can control the coronavirus.
Date Posted: November 29 2020 at 11:46pm

The cornavirus is firstly existed in China. But it is controled immediately.
If no antidote, it is imposible to be controled. This is science. Every country all can not control it without antidote.
Chinese government may mix the antidote into the chinese herbs and ask the patients to drink. So their patients can be cured very quickly.
The chinese doctor is the worst doctors in the world. This is why all the western country don't approve the Chinese doctor's education background.
If no antidote, why they can cure so many patients so quickly?

If you want to end this crisis of coronavirus, you must kill the chinese government.
After then, you may ask the key scientists of coronavirus to get the true antidote.
If the chinese government is not killed, you can not get the true antidote. They will only give you the fake one.

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