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Now tracking the new emerging South Africa Omicron Variant

What will kill us ?

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Adviser Group

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Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote Dutch Josh Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: November 20 2022 at 10:08pm

DJ, part 1,

[url][/url] or ;

The UK ZOE app is showing Covid cases are once again on then rise in what would be the fifth wave of 2022 in the UK.

Although the ongoing cases chart from ZOE is yet to show the new wave, it’s clear that cases are starting to rise from a higher level than 2021 winter wave.


The subvariants driving the new wave are shown below:



We will be updating this post with the latest numbers as the wave progresses.

fits with [url][/url] or less peaks-more cases all the time....see also [url][/url] or (there cases still slowly decreasing...but soon will increase as well...). 

[url][/url] or ;

The proportion of patients with at least 1 post–COVID-19 symptom 2 years after acute infection was 59.7% for hospitalized patients and 67.5% for those not requiring hospitalization.

A preprint out this week confirms anecdotal data of the high level of long term physiological damage inflicted on those that were infected in the first Covid wave of 2020.

We have seen March 2020 mentioned as a primary infection date across numerous social media posts from Long Covid sufferers from Europe, Asia and America. Most of those wild-type infections could not be confirmed by testing at the time, as tests were simply not available.

This cross-sectional study found that the proportion of patients with at least 1 post–COVID-19 symptom 2 years after acute infection was 59.7% for hospitalized patients and 67.5% for those not requiring hospitalization. No significant differences in post–COVID-19 symptoms were seen between hospitalized and nonhospitalized patients.

Similar rates of post–COVID-19 symptoms between hospitalized and nonhospitalized patients suggest that, among all patients who contract COVID-19, these sequelae deserve attention.

Jama Network preprint: Post–COVID-19 Symptoms 2 Years After SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Hospitalized vs Nonhospitalized Patients

DJ...if the "first wave" did more damage then following waves it may be related to the (higher) viral load ? But also "statistics" could give an incorrect perspective...with more testing also more milder cases were included...possibly resulting in less long term problems...

[url][/url] or DJ gastrointestinal system may play a major role in "kicking the virus out" (or not doing that...). Maybe interesting for dealing with Long CoViD issues ? Pro-biotica ? 

Mainland #China reports 2,227 local symptomatic cases and 24,547 asymptomatic cases on November 20.🔽 --- #Guangdong 984 + 8,101🔽 #Chongqing 231 + 5,898🔼 #Henan 161 + 1,050🔽 #Gansu 18 + 1,173🔼 #InnerMongolia 92 + 832🔽 #Beijing 154+ 808🔼 #Xinjiang 18 + 893🔽 --- NHC


Beijing reports 962 new coronavirus cases, the biggest one-day increase on record as millions of people are urged to stay home

DJ, China may be relaxing its Zero CoViD policies a bit to give economy more room. Very likely China Health will keep a close eye on developments-with massive testing...More infectious variants may increase cases...However if Chinese vaccines/anti-virals are effective maybe -in China- living with the virus could be somewhat more realistic ? 

Dr. John Campbell had a video on the G20/Next Pandemic [url][/url] or his basic points may be;

-Bankers/politicians run the WHO...where is the medical knowledge gone ? 

-A lot of steps seem CoViD related-while a next pandemic may be bacterial, prion-based, H5N1....

DJ-On the G20 [url][/url] or ;

Lining up to join BRICS

It is safe to say that the G20 may have plunged into an irretrievable path toward irrelevancy. Even before the current Southeast Asian summit wave – in Phnom Penh, Bali and Bangkok – Lavrov had already signaled what comes next when he noted that “over a dozen countries” have applied to join BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

Iran, Argentina, and Algeria have formally applied: Iran, alongside Russia, India, and China, is already part of the Eurasian Quad that really matters.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Afghanistan are extremely interested in becoming members. Indonesia just applied, in Bali. And then there’s the next wave: Kazakhstan, UAE, Thailand (possibly applying this weekend in Bangkok), Nigeria, Senegal, and Nicaragua.

It’s crucial to note that all of the above sent their Finance Ministers to a BRICS Expansion dialogue in May. A short but serious appraisal of the candidates reveals an astonishing unity in diversity.

Lavrov himself noted that it will take time for the current five BRICS to analyze the immense geopolitical and geoeconomic implications of expanding to the point of virtually reaching the size of the G20 – and without the collective west.

What unites the candidates above all is the possession of massive natural resources: oil and gas, precious metals, rare earths, rare minerals, coal, solar power, timber, agricultural land, fisheries, and fresh water. That’s the imperative when it comes to designing a new resource-based reserve currency to bypass the US dollar.

Let’s assume that it may take up to 2025 to have this new BRICS+ configuration up and running. That would represent roughly 45 percent of confirmed global oil reserves and over 60 percent of confirmed global gas reserves (and that will balloon if gas republic Turkmenistan later joins the group).

The combined GDP – in today’s figures – would be roughly $29.35 trillion; much larger than the US ($23 trillion) and at least double the EU ($14.5 trillion, and falling).

As it stands, BRICS account for 40 percent of the global population and 25 percent of GDP. BRICS+ would congregate 4.257 billion people: over 50 percent of the total global population as it stands.

DJ, because how "the west" is "solving" every crisis; creating money out of thin air and starting wars-denial of problems [url][/url] or ;But the outcome was widely judged a failure on efforts to cut carbon dioxide, after oil-producing countries and high emitters weakened and removed key commitments on greenhouse gases and phasing out fossil fuels.

Maybe even a step back...DJ reminds me of...

OK, this is bonkers: During a brief window in 1950-51, children could get the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab—a kit allowing them to make nuclear reactions at home using ACTUAL RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL. It was removed from shelves in 1951.

they knew it was dangerous then....people are crazy...

End of part 1

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
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Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote Dutch Josh Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: November 20 2022 at 11:03pm

Part 2, 

Economic collapse, high inflation, less staff/more patients will bring healthcare in an even worse crisis next year....The Ukraine war may see famine in Europe...unseen since shortly after world war 2...[url][/url] or and [url][/url] or .

The [url][/url] or (killing around 20,000 most older men...however hunger and disease go hand in hand-excess deaths must have been very high...). in part also was linked to a railway strike; 

After the national railways complied with the exiled Dutch government's appeal for a railway strike starting September 1944 to further the Allied liberation efforts, the German administration (under Wehrmachtbefehlshaber Friedrich Christiansen) retaliated by placing an embargo on all food transports to the western Netherlands. The food embargo was partially lifted in early November 1944.

DJ...cholera has been showing up in Lebanon/Syria, Haïti, most of Africa...will increase as a problem. A food crisis means a growing health crisis...

In combination with CoViD resulting in less immunity (unclear for how long-and the effect it has on larger groups/regions) and more diseases showing up (MPX, Polio, H5N1-for now most in birds, other types of flu) the present pandemic may "widen"...

H5N1 spreading in humans-as an outcome of less immunity because of CoViD (corona-virus in birds has been a major problem-could it explain both widespread and long duration of spread of H5N1 in birds ???) -could become "a next pandemic" on top of this CoViD one-or be seen as just another step in this pandemic...with H5N1 -potential- to become an even bigger problem...

-spread by (wild)birds

-of influence in egg=food production

-also poultry will become problematic

-the general idea is that H5N1 will bring more severe disease with high spread/R0 (in NL farms they do not know how the virus gets in...even ventilation gets checked...still the virus gets a way in...). 

DJ H5N1 will worsen the foodproblem (eggs/meat) worsen the already major healthcare crisis and may be even less controlable then CoViD...Maybe catching H5N1-surviving it-will offer some immunity...however the larger the spread the more chance for all kind of mutations (also in non-human hosts...). If we can not contain what should be a "limited to humans most" CoViD problem how will we deal with a "multi-host" (most NON-human !!!) H5N1 ? 

STOP THE SPREAD will be very hard if the disease is spread by wild birds (and other wild animals...). So-how to deal with such a crisis ? 

-"Islands of safety" will be very hard...since mice may be spreading disease...some people may be infected but (still) without symptoms...

-Mass vaccination and "killing of unwanted animals" ? May limit spread somewhat...for a short time-however will do a lot of damage...

-anti-virals in large the right places...

DJ-We still may be able to "stop CoViD" from flying around the limiting air travel to only essential...but we are NOT doing that....

To be honest-older strategies on H5N1 did ignore spread in/via birds all year round...Expected "herd/group-immunity" after surviving H5N1 like flu-types...not possibly lots of reinfections because most of the flu would NOT be in humans (and some animal-hosts may be good at spreading the virus without major symptoms...). 

And-of course-other problems, climate, economy, only get worse....increasing even more global instability...

Replying to  and 
If we restrict the comparison to Denmark, the country with the best genetic surveillance in the world, it's even more clear that BQ* lineages have lost none of their growth advantage. It's just that other fast lineages make up a much larger % now (XBB*, BN.1*, CH.1*, etc).

DJ..trying to follow CoViD -by statistics- now is getting very complex;

-Most cases will NOT see testing

-So cases that are getting tested may have symptoms-you miss variants without major symptoms (however longer term risk/may mix with other variants)

-A month ago 100 cases could see 5 BQ.1 and 5 BQ.1.1 that may be 10 of each by now...(as an example) but XBB, BN.1, CH.1 may have been 1 or 2 each last month-could be around 10 by now as well...some other variants (of Omicron) decreasing...

-But more of these variants may not see more hospital cases...

-Sampling & sequencing takes time...

If you also include age distribution you may get a very complex story...

DJ-So do we still have some view of this CoViD pandemic ? I think hardly...we are more and more running behind the facts...with politics in denial (and so less funding-when more funding is needed !)..."the shore has to stop the ship" ("de wal/oever moet het schip keren" in Dutch) we have to hit rock bottom ? 

I expect we may be on our way to the worst part of this multi-aspect global crisis...(hope to see you on the other side of this tunnel !)

End of part 2...time for a break...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
Location: Arnhem-Netherla
Status: Online
Points: 76212
Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote Dutch Josh Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 8 hours 52 minutes ago at 2:32am

Okay...we are in a "dark tunnel now"...maybe some (NL) headlines;

[url][/url] or very likely tens-of-millions of refugees on their way...not only from Ukraine, also Türkiye may be sending their refugees to "the cause of problems" EU...Italy, Greece, Spain may be sending refugees north...Poland may be unable to house/feed the millions of refugees they already deal with now...

DJ-Refugees "as a weapon" in the "west-rest-war"....not new (after W.W.2 eastern Europe did send millions of Germans into the ruins of Germany...[url][/url] or killing hundreds of thousends of Germans. Ukraine will soon face a humanitary crisis maybe even worse then the [url][/url] or ). 

[url][/url] or Spending less on health insurances-with higher risks...Also in the NL news 90% of NL hospitals face losing money in 2023...can not get their budget to cover the costs...

[url][/url] or DJ-lots of people are tired of vaccinations-now failing to get the flu-vaccine...With newer CoViD variants, other diseases, breaking immunity trust in healthcare will further decrease...


Like it or not "the west" not willing to go for talks with Russia, Iran, China etc. now has to face the outcome; from refugees-as-a-weapon to energy, currencie, economic warfare...Since the west supported regime change, fascists dictatorships, all over the world countries like Venezuela, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina-in Africa, Asia will not be friendly...


[url][/url] or claims a recombinant of SARS-1 and SARS-2 could be spreading in China...with Chinese reported cases now at record level...

DJ-More infectious variants makes "Zero-CoViD" even "new calculations/strategy" may be needed...Maybe even more testing, sequencing...more research for better prevention...(DJ-I would not be surprised if China would come with an idea of vaccination/anti-virals via drinking water...Spread via airco's in some spaces...). 

As #BlackFriday ends, remember that wearing a mask is the real deal - protects against 3 viruses for the price of 1 - influenza, RSV, and COVID. The really immunity problem is damage from prior COVID infection. #Tripledemic #COVIDIsAirborne #BringBackMasks 😷


Replying to 
I hope everyone will read this thread. Pretending COVID is gone will have terrible long-term ramifications. It's not just people dying. Long-COVID is going to be an epidemic, whether we want to hear about it or not.

DJ [url][/url] or 

Well, looks like they are acknowledging the immunological harm that SARS Cov 2 does I told you all long ago, many times, and have been mocked, abused, and cancelled for it


Anthony J Leonardi, PhD, MS

Replying to @fitterhappierAJ and @boutros555
If the infection destroys b cell memory formation with TNF and wrecks cd8 t cells with cd95- it harms memory in NL the "main CoViD story" is that CoViD is almost over....[url][/url] or like "we can live with climate collapse"....

I hate to believe [url][/url] or on climate change, [url][/url] or HT on nuclear war could be realistic...I had hopes we would find a way out of wars...a way out of pandemics...

But denial seems to be the only strategy "our leaders" can think of....

So enjoy the time you the things you always wanted to do as long as you still can....

Of course I-DJ- can not forsee the future...and I hope I am much to pessimistic...I would love to believe we soon may see peace in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen etc. I would love to see CoViD becoming nothing more then just a cold...I would love to see some "feedbacks" are slowing down climate change....

And I keep looking for that kind of info....hope to be very wrong...

Maybe later on a part 2...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
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Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote Dutch Josh Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 7 hours 53 minutes ago at 3:31am

part 2,

[url][/url] or Alexander Mercouris, some main points;

-US trying to get companies to move out of Europe to the US..

-Xi-China going to Saudi Arabia for an Arab-China top

-Samsung etc. South Korea going again on the Russian market...

[url][/url] or statistics-only as indication-

Global cases +2%, deaths -12%

Europe c +2%, d -18%

North America c -26%, d -37%

Asia c +4%, D +8%

South America c +61% (!!!) , D +71% (!!!!)

Africa c -9%, d +224 % (from 25 last week to 81 this week for all of Africa...statistics may be even "limited as indicators")

Oceania c -8%, d -9% 

UK cases would be -27% however [url][/url] or may indicate UK cases soon will increase...

The rapidly growing lineage CH.1.1. is found mostly in Vorarlberg. Unfortunately and as a worldwide first we see position P681 mutated from H as in Omicron to R as in Delta for 3 weeks and in 12 cases now. This position is relevant for cell-cell fusion! 4/5


Yikes. CH.1.1 is one of the most immune-evasive variants out there & now a few have picked up Delta's P681R mutation. CH.1.1 is a BA.2.75 descendant with R346T, K444T, L452R, and F486S—similar to BQ.1.1 but with a much more immune-evasive NTD (spike residues 14-305). 1/2

In Germany

Josette Schoenmakers

Interesting ones found among 78 samples from @amsterdamumc last week: 2 BN.1.3.1=BA., growing fast in Denmark 3 BW.1.1=BA., BQ.1 lookalike found in Mexico 1 BA.5.11 plus S:A1016S, growing fast in Denmark 1 BE.9=BA., BQ.1 lookalike found in Brazil…

DJ...there may not come a new global dominant variant of CoViD...lots of regional variations...And we are not stopping the spread...

[url][/url] or 

DJ, MPX is NOT over...only just almost not reported...

Due to CoViD 40 million less global measles vaccines were given...H5N1 is a major problem, flu-types very likely becoming another global issue soon. With much less healthcare capacity to deal with the exploding healthcare problems...(from long CoViD to heart, lung etc. problems after infection to all kind of virusses, bacterial, fungal, prion diseases...). 

End of part 2

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
Location: Arnhem-Netherla
Status: Online
Points: 76212
Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote Dutch Josh Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 3 hours 21 minutes ago at 8:03am

Part 3, enough news;

-[url][/url] or ;

When we last checked in October 2022, Denmark had sequenced 120 different Covid variants – this month, they have sequenced 249 Covid variants.

What was once a Covid variant soup in Denmark is turning into a Covid variant smoothie.

On October 6th 2022, Denmark recorded just 120 different variants in its monthly report. This month’s tally of 249 means that variant numbers have doubled in less than two months. Does this mean we are now entering the age of personalised Covid variants?

We should point out that there is nothing unique about Denmark or the number of variants they are finding. The Danes are simply far better at sequencing SARS-CoV-2 than almost every other nation on Earth.  What is happening in Denmark is also happening in every other nation across the globe, and it signals a dangerous change of direction for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  

Just in case you are in any doubt that the increase in the number of variants is happening across the globe, here is the most recent variant list for the USA, courtesy of Raj Rajnarayanan

DJ...something like 180 different variants of CoViD detected in the US-with very limited testing/reporting...In general I think this mega-variant-soup is very bad news...catching one of the 200+ variants may not provide protection-but maybe increase even risks-for catching another variant. Co-infection of variants is very likely resulting in new variants/recombinations...very likely even better-via mutation selection-in evading immunity...

This "variant smoothie" is -I think-part of the exponential growth....

[url][/url] or

It looks like another OurWorldinData glitch, but it’s worth recording just in case it isn’t.

The jump in UK cases has also fed through to Europe’s overall case level too.

Update: Many of our friends from across the UK are telling us anecdotally this week that ‘Covid is everywhere’.

DJ...[url][/url] or can be one of the other indicators to watch the UK numbers...(official statistics may be the latest to confirm an explosion of UK cases...the supposed to be UK "government" is in denial of the pandemic...) .

[url][/url] or other study pointing to CoViD decreasing immunity in general...

Currently all 4 complex recombinants are between BA.2 and Delta - we hypothesise these are caused by chronic Delta infections becoming superinfected with BA.2. XAY and XBC are still circulating but at fairly low levels as far as we can tell.


The other big trend we've seen a lot of recently is antigenic drift - ie something more akin to whats been seen in seasonal influenza and coronaviruses (albeit at a pretty rapid pace). This is particularly widespread in BA.5 and BA.2.75 sublineages.

link [url][/url] or 

DJ...a.o. in NL media some promote the idea of "the pandemic is (again) over"-autumn/fall wave did not crash healthcare...excess deaths "seem to be acceptable ?"....My view is the winterwave is about to start...masks may offer better protection then vaccines...

[url][/url] or ;

The new Omicron variant of COVID-19 may be around 500 percent more infectious than the Delta variant, a leading epidemiologist has said.

The new variant is thought to have 32 mutations in its spike protein and is feared to be able to bypass vaccines and immunity gained from being infected before. The Omicron variant that first emerged in southern Africa, has been detected in Belgium, South Africa, Hong Kong and Israel. The variant has been described as "the worst one we've seen so far" and scientists are concerned about it spreading.

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist and senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), sent a series of tweets on Friday indicating the potential competitive advantage of the new variant over older ones.

DJ, maybe a "super infectious variant" reducing the "variant soup "? This Newsweek-link is a year old !

-War [url][/url] or Douglas McGregor...on NATO breaking up...Germany may NEED to do deals with Russia/Asia...Poland would like further escalation...DJ-Alex Mercouris mentioned French-German relations, French-Italian relations are "at a low"....Hungary (and Japan) buying Russian energy...Disagreement on price-caps...The idea of "price caps" for energy seen as insane outside the west...pushing OPEC even further to Russia...

[url][/url] or info on weather...winter is on its way...

End of part 3

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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I will kill the coronavirus my article covid-19 on saeta

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